Hip Hop Dance Lessons in Toronto, Vaughan

One of the most popular forms of music out right now, Hip Hop, is fun, exciting, and can lead to some pretty dynamic dance routines. What’s also special about hip hop is that it often spawns its own dances that spread through the culture before hitting the mainstream at full force.

Your child can learn to ‘bust a move’ by taking hip hop dance classes in Vaughan, Toronto at Performing Dance Arts. Our skilled instructors will teach your children the same moves they see dancers perform in their favourite hip hop and R&B videos. Our hip hop dance classes in Vaughan, Toronto are perfect to keep your child active while allowing them to express their creativity.

Hip Hop Dance Overview

The dance evolution of hip hop can almost be paired with the musical evolution of the genre. Hip hop branched off from the funk and disco music which was most popular during the 70s. The dance culture of hip hop has no set rules, no set movements that need to be followed in order for it to qualify as hip hop; this makes the dance a fun, natural stress reliever. Ironically, it can help your child improve their concentration skills even further, a trait that could benefit their education. And hip hop dance is not only fun and exciting to learn, but it will also help keep your child physically active.

Who Will Teach You?

At Performing Dance Arts’ hip hop classes for kids, we teach the foundational hip hop elements. We also stress cohesive choreography while still respecting the youth experiences and culture that the dance represents and expresses. Our hip hop dance lessons are fun and filled with high-intensity, high-energy music across all urban genres, including R&B and dance music.

However, as fun as hip hop dancing can be, it is also very demanding. The dance lessons for kids that we offer at Performing Dance Arts are high-intensity, high-energy, and consist of other current urban genres like R&B and Dance music. But one your child is experienced enough, they will be able to embrace the freedom of hip hop, possibly inventing the next big dance that will become popular around the world!


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