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Acro dance incorporates acrobatic movements into dance routines and is one of the more challenging dance styles to teach and to learn. We are proud and excited to teach acro dance classes in  Etobicoke, Vaughan & Yorkdale(North York) at Performing Dance Arts. Acro dance emboldens our dancers to be physically fit, flexible, strong, and to contort their bodies in ways that may not be immediately comfortable. This, on top of being completely disciplined in the technical aspects of the dance form, makes it a challenging, yet rewarding form of dance that can take dancers to a whole new level.


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Acro Dance Classes at Performing Dance Arts

Andrea Mulder is our accomplished acro dance instructor and has successfully built the Acro Dance program at Performing Dance Arts over the past 12 years. She is unparalleled in her own achievements as a dancer and has won several awards across North America for her training and choreography. Mulder is trained and skilled in all disciplines of dance and knows that her true calling is in teaching others the art.

Our Acro Dance Competition Videos

See our students in action!

Hanging Tree

2015 Acro large group “Hanging Tree”

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About Our Acro Dance Instructors

Our instructors are internationally acclaimed, and able to perform and teach with years of experience and talent. For years they have helped to develop young dancers and inspire them with their own success, awards, and impressive careers. They have educational and practical background in both the art of dance, and in teaching, so you can be sure your child is getting instruction from highly-trained, experienced, and personable instructors.

Why Choose Performing Dance Arts

  • World-class dance instruction
  • Top-notch teachers
  • Comprehensive curriculum
  • Wide range of dance styles
  • Encouraging environment
  • Proven track record
  • Recreational and competitive dancers welcome

Our Acro Dance Programs

Regardless of your child’s age or ability, we take pride in being able to offer different acrobatic dance classes for kids and other types of programs to help facilitate their journey through the art of dance.

Recreational Acro Dancing Programs

Performing Dance Arts has continuously offered a wide range of programming for children to gain exposure, aptitude, and experience. Our recreational acro dance programs for kids’ are as follows:

  • Dance-In-Your-Pants: If your child is two to three years old, they may be ready for toddler acro dance classes. They have the opportunity to join our Dance-In-Your-Pants program which provides toddlers preparation for acro dance classes though socializing with other children and taking instruction from an adult teacher.
  • Pre-Dance: If your child is three to six years old, they now qualify to take our pre-dance class. Here, they will be guided through fun exercises that encourage them to explore their movement range, and develop the necessary attributes—strength, conditioning, coordination, flexibility, balance—for dance.
  • Youth-Dance: If your child is seven and over there are several dance classes to choose from.  Hip Hop, Contemporary, Musical theatre etc. for ages seven to sixteen students can participate can participate in a wide variety of dance classes that we offer every week.

Competitive Dance Programs

We understand how competition can hone a dancer by intensifying their preparation and giving them the experience of working under pressure. For young dancers, there is nothing more satisfying than standing tall, knowing you did your best. That’s why we offer a variety of competitive dance programs for children.

  • Part-Time: Train in a variety of styles, including acro dance, for five hours divided into mandatory classes over two days a week. There are also three mandatory competitions that occur in April and May.
  • Micro-Mini: Your child will dance two to three days per week to attend between four to five mandatory classes. There are also two to three mandatory local competitions that occur in April and May.
  • Full-Time: Our full-time competitive program is designed to provide the highest-level of training possible. If you are selected, you will have the opportunity to work with sought-after choreographers and undergo different examinations. There are four to five mandatory competitions in April and May, with the potential for a national competition in July for certain students.

FAQ About Acro Dance for Kids

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