Tap Dance Lessons in Vaughan and Toronto

Your children can learn how to make music with their feet when they take tap dance classes in Vaughan, Toronto at the prestigious Performing Dance Arts studio. Tap dancing requires agility, rhythm, coordination and technique, skills that are thoroughly integrated in the tap dance classes taught by our skilled instructors.


Are Tap Dance Classes Right for My Child?

Tap dancing is an incredibly easy style of dance to learn; your child may only require a few lessons and they could be on their way to becoming a skilled dancer! Over the years, tap dance has evolved, but it typically includes certain steps and an intro, creating a variation in sound by shifting body weight and using different types of shoes. Since it is a vigorous form of dance, stamina is needed. Our instructors at Performing Dance Arts will take the time to build up your child’s skill level when you register them for tap dance lessons.


What Can My Child Expect During Tap Dance Classes?

Tap dancing requires learning a number of steps, such as the “shuffle ball change,” the “New Yorkers,” and the “flap”. These steps are easy to learn but take practice, something tap dance studios will make the time for. We also provide our students with the best surface for learning to tap dance on.


Who Will Teach My Child?

When you sign your child up for tap dance lessons at our studio, they will learn from the best. We employ professional dancers at Performing Dance Arts, and our tap dance teachers are some of the most enthusiastic instructors to be around! They have an endless amount of energy and will make sure your child has an uplifting experience. Our instructors will assess your child’s level of ability and decide on the best way to progress with the lessons. Rest assured that your children will be nurtured every step of the way, whether they’re looking to dance for fun or competitively.


Tap Dance Footwear

Tap dance gets its signature sound from the shoes. The shoes come in both flat and heeled varieties, with either full or split soles. Look for a pair of tap dance shoes that are firm and that provide stability; ideally, the “taps” should span the entire length of the shoe, at the heel and toe. Performing Dance Arts can recommend the best type of tap dance shoes; shoes can also be purchased at the studio.

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