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Ballet Dance Classes in Vaughan

ballet studio in VaughanBallet Dance Overview
Ballet–just hearing that word summons the image of graceful dancers performing classics like Swan Lake and The Nutcracker. As the leading provider of ballet dance classes for kids in Vaughan, Performing Dance Arts realizes that ballet forms an essential part of all types of dance.

At our dance studio, your child will discover proper posture and self-discipline while being taught the basics and fundamentals of dance through classical ballet. It may require many hours to develop the necessary skills, but our ballet dance classes in Vaughan are superior. Our highly-skilled instructors will take the time to teach your children the skills needed to help them grow and dance to the best of their abilities.

Our professional ballet dance studio is fully equipped for students of all skill levels.

Ballet Dance Positions
There are several positions that we teach at Performing Dance Arts as part of our ballet dance classes for kids in Vaughan:

Who Will Teach My Child Ballet at Performing Dance Arts?
At Performing Dance Arts, we pride ourselves on providing our students with the best ballet dance lessons. That’s why our instructor is one of the best; Naira Ramazanova joined the Azeri National Opera and Ballet Company in 1995 after graduating from the National Ballet School in her native city of Baku, Azerbaijan, where she was quickly noted for her fiery and passionate style of dancing.

She has brought home a number of prizes, including the Vaganova-Prix and “best ballerina” prize at the first international Balanchine-Chabukiani Ballet Festival. Ramazanova has been teaching students in Canada since 2002. In addition to Performing Dance Arts’ ballet dance studio, she is also on the artistic staff of Canada’s world-renowned National Ballet School.

Ballet Dancewear
Unlike many of the other dance styles taught at Performing Dance Arts, ballet lessons require specialized clothing. Dancers need to wear the proper bodysuit, pink ballet tights, and ballet shoes. If learning point at the competitive level, pointed shoes are also essential.

And if you’re looking for advice about gear or the best place to buy ballet dancewear for your aspiring ballerina, our staff can help you at our convenient studio.