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It’s true that a dancer’s only real instrument is him or herself, but when it comes time for dance competitions, there are a variety of items that are also needed. You might have seen dancers carrying around enormous bags full of items, but these bags are more than gym bags. If your child is preparing for a dance competition, there are some essentials that they must carry in their dance bag to classes, auditions, rehearsals, and the big performance day. Here’s what every dancer’s bag should include to ensure they are safe, comfortable, and prepared for their performance.

Train Case or Caboodle

Dancers should invest in a good quality makeup or train case. It will help them keep their makeup organized, so they can prepare for dance competitions. A good case will help them organize all the accessories they need, including hairpins, earrings, fake eyelashes, hairnets, lipstick, and more.

Glitter Spray

Have you ever noticed how young dancers sparkle and shine at competitions? Glitter spray is one of the best accessories for young dancers, especially in jazz and tap routines. Glitter spray can be used in the hair and on the body to help them stand out more during their performance. You may also want to bring makeup wipes or soap and water to wash off all the glitter after the performance!

Clear Garment Bag

Most dance costumes come with different pieces. There may be a hair piece or a specific pair of coloured tights, shoes, or undergarments that go together with the outfit. Throwing all these items into a big dance bag can make it difficult to tell which pieces go with which costume. To stay organized, include a clear garment bag and put all the coordinating items together.

Emergency Sewing Kit

An absolute must-have for dancers is an emergency sewing kit. Items can rip or come apart while practicing, and your dancer will need to quickly repair their items before their performance. The emergency sewing kit should include thread in a few basic colours, sewing needles, safety pins of various sizes, and a small pair of scissors.

Hair Supplies

Hair is an important area to consider for dancers. Hair should always be put together well, and kept in place. To ensure that your dancer is prepared, they need to bring all the hair supplies they need such as a hairbrush, hairspray, and plenty of bobby pins. If their hair gets in their eyes or becomes a distraction, it can cause them to mess up their dance performance. It’s always better to bring too many supplies then too little.

Extra Tights

Tights are essential for dancers, and almost every dance costume incorporates them. However, frequent movement and wear and tear can cause their tights to wear out, stretch, and rip. Torn tights make dancers appear sloppy and dishevelled, so you should ensure that your dancer brings extra pairs on their performance day.

Warm-Up Gear

Warming up and stretching before a performance are important to ensure your little dancers don’t injury themselves during a routine. Always bring a pair of loose sweatpants, and a zip-up sweatshirt to wear before their dance performances. If there is a lot of groundwork involved, dancers can practice without getting their costume dirty.

A Nutritious Snack

Since dance competitions can be long and exhausting, you should stock up on some nutritious snacks for your dancer. Some venues offer places for families and dancers to grab a quick bite to eat, but you may not get a chance to take such a long break. For these emergency situations, pack healthy snacks during the competition. Some easy and quick snacks are cheese and crackers, or celery and peanut butter. Apple slices are also a great option. The snacks have a little bit of protein and carbohydrates to energize dancers and satisfy their appetites.


Water is one of the most important things to pack for dance classes and dance competitions. It is so important to stay hydrated, as dance studios can get very hot, and intense dance routines take up a lot of energy and can cause dancers to sweat a lot. The last thing you want is a dehydrated dancer, so ensure that they have a lot of water and fluids to stay hydrated.

Personal Need Items

There are a few extra items you should include in your dancer’s bag. Personal items to keep handy include Band-Aids, tampons or pads, Tylenol or Advil, eye drops, deodourant, clear nail polish, tissues, and other toiletries. These are great to have on-hand for long or busy days in case of little emergencies.

How Performing Dance Arts Can Help You

As you can see, dancer’s bags are more than just gym bags. They include a variety of items that help dancers get prepared for their performance and save them in case of any minor accidents like torn tights or a headache. The right tools are important, but dancers also need proper training to do their best. If you’re looking for children’s dance classes in Etobicoke or Toronto, Performing Dance Arts is the right place!

We offer children’s hip hop dance classes in Toronto, as well as tap, acro, and jazz. We also offer ballet classes in Toronto for kids, which is the perfect place for them to build their fundamentals. At our dance studios, we provide trained instructors with years of industry experience and skill, who care greatly about the progress and happiness of our students. Our outstanding programs inspire creativity and our instructors will motivate your child to dance with passion, creativity, and excitement.

Our programs cater to children of all ages and skill levels, so contact us today to enroll your child or learn more. We will provide you with all the information you need to know about our classes, as well as what your child will need to do and bring to prepare for their first class. If you want a firsthand idea of what our dance studios are like, simply pay us a visit!

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