4 Most Essential Things to Pack in Child’s Dance Bag for Dance Classes

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Whenever you head to your child’s dance class, it’s important that you have everything your child may need. Otherwise, you may have to interrupt the lesson to get something if it’s essential. And if it’s not essential, your child still may face some discomfort if certain things are left behind. To that end, let’s go over the dance bag essentials for dance classes that your child should have readily available.

Kid’s Dance Shoes

This one seems obvious, but you’d shocked by how many times kids and parents show up only to have forgotten their dance shoes! When you’re looking into how to pack your dance bag, it’s important to remember the dance shoes. They not only make it more comfortable for the child to dance but they can also be key when it comes to preventing injury.

In fact, there’s a decent chance that your child won’t be able to dance without dance shoes (depending on the style they opt to do).

Healthy Snack Items & Water Bottle to Recharge

When thinking of items to keep in your dance bag, this one may slip your mind. But it’s important! Kids get hungry and thirsty when dancing, and they need energy to keep going.

A healthy snack is nice to have (if not essential) but a water bottle is a must. While your studio may have water fountains or spare water bottles, you don’t want to take that chance. Also, with COVID-19 still running amok, better to lower physical contact with commonly used goods to a minimum.

Not to mention that water bottles are easy to have close at hand, while a water fountain would require your child to interrupt the lesson to head to the fountain.

Hair Accessories and Brush

If your kid has a lot of hair, it can get unruly pretty fast during dance. And if its lose, it can even get in the way of learning! It’s important to remember to bring pins, clips, or hair ties, anything so that your child can comfortably keep that hair out of their face while they dance.

You may also want to bring a brush, as hair can get sweaty and coiled during dancing.

A Towel and Extra Pair of Clothes

Speaking of sweat, a towel and a change of clothes are key. The towel can be great to help remove sweat from the eyes and face to keep your child comfortable as they dance.

The extra pair of clothes is also helpful to have as your child may not want to wear their sweaty clothes home.

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