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There are a lot of benefits to children’s dance classes in Toronto. Much like any team sport, signing your child up for dance competitions comes with a whole host of positives that will help your child develop, while also teaching them valuable lessons they wouldn’t otherwise find at school or on their own.

Let’s dive into seven ways that dance classes in Toronto can benefit your child.

Promotes a Team Mentality

Dancing on your own can be a lonely experience. No matter how much you love the art (or, in this case, sport) performing your routine time and time again in solitude can wear on anyone—especially a kid.

In a dance competition environment, however, your child will be introduced to a whole team.
What’s more, it will also show them a whole new way to experience dance.

And for those that haven’t yet started their dance journey, a team can be a great entry point. They’ll make fast friends and learn to work as a team, instilling valuable lessons that they can apply both on and off the dance floor.

Builds Experience

Children crave new experiences and love learning, deep down.

Putting your child in a dance competition will allow them to absorb a whole new set of experiences they wouldn’t otherwise discover.

Being on stage, needing to show grace under pressure, coordinating and feeling responsible to your team, working with exciting new dance teachers . . . all of these experiences are moments that your child will relish.

What’s more, it’s a great way to discover how much your child loves dance. Is it just a hobby to them? Or does passion take over when their feet hit the dance floor?

In other words, not only will your child learn a lot about the dance world, but they’ll learn a lot about themselves, too!

Fosters Discipline

When you work with a team, you’re accountable. Not just to yourself, but to your teammates. The same goes for dance competitively.

By putting your child into a dance competition setting, you’re exposing them to an environment where they need to be accountable and disciplined.

It helps foster hard work by showing your child that they have to really apply themselves if they want to succeed.

What’s more, it’s presenting hard work in the context of joy. In other words, it’s linking hard work with their passion, which in turn could inspire your child to apply themselves more readily in all their passions as they’ve now learned what it takes to achieve their goals.

Exposes Them to Constructive Criticism in a Safe Environment

Nobody likes being criticized. But it can’t be avoided forever. And the better a person gets at understanding, accepting, and applying constructive criticism, the better they are at facing it in the future.

Being a kid is tough. School, friends, sports . . . they all apply pressure in their own way. And kids, being as young as they are, simply haven’t developed all the resources and tools yet to deal with these different pressure points.

With dance, your children can learn to take criticism in a respectful and positive way, translating it into improved performance moving forward; a good lesson in how best to deal with criticism.

Helps Get Them Exposure

If your child is interested in pursuing dance, then entering them in a dance competition is a great way to gain them exposure.

By travelling around the city, province, sometimes even the country, you can introduce your child to a whole new set of dance experts who may notice something you’ve known for a long time already—your kid is talented!

There’s also the benefit of exposing your child to different types of dance from different dance troupes, different routines, moves, people, etc.

Feels Like They’ve Achieved Something

Children love to create, explore, and learn. And a huge, rewarding part of all that is the achievement. The feeling of accomplishment that comes with mastering a task or doing something today that you couldn’t do yesterday.

Whether that’s learning their times tables or what a mitochondria is or nailing their dance routine, all of them can help build your child’s confidence.

Better yet, with dance, your kid gets the thrill of participating in a team environment, learning to win as a team, which is a great lesson to learn! The child sees that everyone benefits when they work together.

Learns to Win – and Lose

Winning and losing are a big part of anyone’s life. But for a chid, they can be hard lessons to learn.

Understanding how to be a humble winner and a resilient in a loss are key aspects of any team sport, and dance is no exception.

Your child will learn how to enjoy victory and be proud of themselves, and they’ll also learn how to accept a loss without internalizing the negativity inward. These are great, valuable lessons, and ones that are learned best in a safe and fun environment, like a dance studio in Toronto.

Enroll in Dance Classes in Toronto at Performing Dance Arts

If you want your child to take advantage of all these great opportunities (or even just try out dance) than you’ve found a great place to get started: Performing Dance Arts.

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