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You’ve probably heard from friends about how great dance lessons have been for their child. Now you may be wondering when the best time is to enroll you kids in dance lessons so that they can enjoy all of those amazing benefits too. The answer is, why not right now?

When to Start Dance Lessons for Toddlers

As your child enters into the toddler stage and they are able to walk and run and communicate fairly well, there’s nothing stopping you from having them join our kids dance studio. Even if you have no intention of having your child become a professional dancer, the physical and social skills they learn are enough to make dance lessons worth a try.

Things to Consider Before Registering Your Child for Dance Lessons

Apart from their age, there are a number of other factors to consider that would indicate whether your child would be a good fit for dance lessons. As a parent, you know your child better than anyone. So be honest and consider if you child possesses these qualities prior to registering them for dance lessons.

Dance requires a lot of repetition and it’s inevitable that your child may not catch on right away. Think about how your child handles situations where things don’t immediately work out or go their way. Do they get discouraged easily? Frustration is normal, but being able to push past that and listen to the instructor is a quality that fits well with kids who excel at all aspects of being in a dance class.

Some kids are just mature beyond their age. As a parent, you know when you have one of these kids. You also know when your kid is just a kid, and of course that’s just as normal. Kids who are more mature, however, tend to do better in a dance class environment. With that said, if your child is just an exuberant, fun loving and social kid, sign them up! We’d love to have them.

Overall Interest
Trying to determine what your child likes when they’re just three years old can be tough. If you notice your child can’t stop dancing to music videos, or can’t help themselves when they hear their favourite song, then it’s probably a good indicator that they genuinely enjoy dancing. On the flip side, kids really don’t know what they like. As a parent, you try your best to assess their personality and figure out what they like and dislike. But you’ll never truly know unless you let them try different things.

Toddler Dance Lessons in Vaughan

Performing Dance Arts is open to providing dance lessons for kids no matter what stage they are at in their development. If you are looking for a positive outlet for your child, contact Performing Dance Arts today at 905-856-1030. We take kids from all across York Region, including Vaughan, Kleinburg, and Markham. Registering your toddler for dance classes with Performing Dance Arts will be an experience they will carry with them forever.

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