Performing Dance Arts, the top dance studio in Woodbridge, has always prided itself on producing some of the best dancers in Canada, and Janaye Upshaw is no exception. Since taking lessons at our studio, she’s gone on to work with some of the top choreographers and entertainers in the business.

From the age of two, Upshaw has been entertaining crowds, starting with her family in her parents’ living room. Her mother immediately recognized that her daughter was a star in the making and enrolled her in her first lessons at the age of three. Her love of dance and passion allowed her to excel, and at the age of six, she began training in a variety of dance disciplines that included ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, hip hop, musical theatre, and acrobatics.

By the time she turned eight, Upshaw was dancing with the Junior Raptors Dance Pak and taking part in dance competitions around North America. She made the transition from the stage to the screen at age 12, dancing in Bella Dancerella instructional DVDs.

Since graduating from Performing Dance Arts’ dance studio in Woodbridge, Upshaw has gone on to a number of achievements, such as Miss Teen Can-Dance, Miss Teen MLDMA Dancer of the Year, Senior Dancer of the Year from the New York City Dance Alliance, and an International Model and Talent Association scholarship.

In addition to these achievements, Upshaw ‘s talents as a dancer have led to her working with some of the top entertainers, choreographers, and dancers in the business. She worked with Shawn Desmond, Keshia Chanté, and Blake McGrath for a So You Think You Can Dance commercial, as well as with Amy Reid on the Bella Dancerella DVDs, Get Up ‘n Move, Harriet the Spy: Blog Wars, The LA Complex, and Made: The Movie. She also worked with Trey Armstrong on Turn the Beat Around.

Some of Upshaw’s other credits include a spot for GO Transit’s PRESTO passes, Baxter, and Life With Derek.

Upshaw is a true triple threat as an actor, singer, and dancer. She’s presently working on her vocals with Demitri Machnine, and even though she has all this happening in her life, she still finds time to be a mom.

At Performing Dance Arts, we pride ourselves on creating the superstar dancers of tomorrow at our dance studio in Woodbridge. Just look at everything that Upshaw has achieved since leaving our hallowed halls. Imagine what we can do for your child!

You can follow Janaye Upshaw on Twitter @janayee.

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