Are Virtual Dance Classes Really Worth It?

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Just because things are different now doesn’t mean your kids have to give up on all the activities they love. In fact, we’re seeing more and more creative ways for children and adults to continue to participate in dance despite studios pretty much being closed across the board. And most of that participation is coming via virtual dance classes. So, we have to ask: are virtual dances classes in Toronto worth it?

The fact of the matter is that virtual dance camps for kids can be a blast. And while we all of course miss in-person dance time, there are still tons of great benefits your child can get out of virtual dance classes—some of which you may not get from in-person classes.

Emotional Benefits

One of the worst aspects of the pandemic is the isolation that it’s forced upon us all. For children, this isolation can be especially difficult. Separating them from their friends not only can induce a sense of loneliness but denies your child key opportunities to learn how to socialize.

Virtual dance classes in Toronto can help foster that sense of connectedness without putting anyone in danger. Even pre-recorded dance classes can still help create that feeling of being part of a group.

Flexible Classes

One thing that virtual dance classes have over in-person sessions is flexibility. Your child can take a class anytime, anywhere, meaning that the dance schedule will always conform to your needs.

You can also say goodbye to the rush hour commutes to get your child to dance class on time after school. Instead, you can take these online classes right from your living room!

Timing, geography, scheduling issues—all of those are no longer barriers to enjoying dance classes when you choose the virtual option. We know parents are happy about this!

Lower Cost

Another bonus of registering your child for dance classes online is that the classes will—generally speaking—be more cost effective. If your child is considering dabbling in various dance styles, instead of registering and committing for multiple programs, you can test the waters with virtual dance classes. This saves a lot of money on registration fees! What’s more is that you won’t have to pay for uniforms or travel expenses.

Feeds Creativity

With so much in our lives stagnant from the pandemic, it can be hard to find creative inspiration. That extremely important for children, who are naturally curious explorers. By getting them involved in online dance classes, you’ll once again present your child with a creative outlet, something that is in perilously low supply during this prolonged isolation.

Work with Their Favourite Teachers

Maybe your studio had a celebrated teacher, but due to a scheduling conflict, you just weren’t able to get your child in a class with them. With virtual classes, your child will be able to take lessons from any teacher they want—all from the comfort of home.

Gives You a Break

Everyone parent needs a break. We love our children, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want to carve out a little “me time” during the day here and there to relax and catch your breath.

With the pandemic making children become essentially stuck at home all hours of the day, having your child enrolled in an online dance class is a great way to occupy them for a few hours. It’ll take the burden of entertaining your child off your shoulders and you can rest easy knowing that they’re doing something both fun and productive.

Go at Their Own Pace

In the classroom setting, great teachers will work to ensure that every student feels comfortable with the moves and steps before going on. But even then, all children learn at different speeds, and some techniques can prove difficult for individual children relative to others.

With online dance classes, you can isolate and concentrate on the moves that are hardest for your child, ensuring that they’re comfortable with the pace. In other words, with online dance classes, you can guarantee that your child will never fall behind and feel left out or be bored waiting for others to catch up as they work at a speed that matches their needs.

Get Plenty of Exercise

Dance is great exercise and can be performed pretty much anywhere with minimal equipment (you just need proper clothing and space). With the pandemic putting most sports on hold, virtual dance camps are a great way to get your child active during these sedentary times. What’s more is that they’ll have loads of fun doing it, so the exercise will never feel like a chore!

Get Moving with Virtual Dance Classes in Toronto

Dancing is our passion here at Performing Dance Arts. We are so passionate when it comes to dance that we’re not going to let the pandemic get in the way of our favourite sport and art.

While we’re counting the days until we can get back in studio and share our love of dance with our students, we’re offering a variety of online dance classes in Toronto that can help fill the void in the meantime.

Virtual dance classes in Toronto are the next best thing to having in-person camps and sessions. And, as seen above, there are actually a lot of benefits! There are even some advantages to taking classes online that you otherwise wouldn’t get with in-person sessions.

But no matter if it’s online or in-studio, we have decades of dance experience and guarantee that your child will get trained instruction from an industry veteran who cares deeply about the progress and happiness of their students. That’s the promise we make for in-studio training—and we’re going to continue to uphold that promise with virtual dance camps and classes.

Our virtual classes are open to children of all ages and skill levels, so contact us today to register your child or learn more about which style and program fits best.

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