By now the school year is back in full swing and your kids have likely gotten settled into their new classes. While it goes without saying that school should be your child’s main focus, it can actually benefit them to enroll in some complementary after school programs. Dance, for instance, has a number of benefits for kids and can actually help improve their performance in school. Here are a few reasons to enroll your child in fall dance classes in Toronto.

Improved Learning Skills

fall dance classesHelp your little one retain and build on their current learning skills by enrolling them in a fall dance program this year. Whether you enroll them in a recreational program or a competitive dance program, dance classes are meant to be fun and chances are, your child won’t even notice they’re learning things during their dance classes! They’ll be exposed to a new way of learning, and their minds will be kept in tip-top shape as they engage in dance as an after-school activity.

Beat the Back-to-School Blues

Going back to school after a summer of fun and games can be challenging for many children. While school can still be fun and engaging, kids need something to look forward to after school. Fortunately, dance classes for toddlers and young children are the perfect solution to keep your child busy and excited once they head back to school. Given that all their homework is finished, attending weekly dance classes can help make the transition back to school and to a structured routine a little bit easier.

Improved Social Skills

While fall is the time for kids to go back to school and potentially make some new friends, it’s also a good time to enroll your kids in some new dance classes. Enrolling your kids in dance classes will allow them to meet other kids their age, outside of their normal environment. While this may push them out of the comfort zone a little, it’ll be good for the development of their social skills.

Improved Physical Health

It goes without saying that most, if not all children, spend more time on the couch playing video games, on the computer, or their phone than they do outside playing actual games. Dance lessons are a fantastic way to get your child up and active, so that they keep fit throughout the year.

Improved Self-Confidence

For those timid students, dance classes could be a great way to inspire confidence within them. As kids use this creative outlet to express themselves, they’ll master new dance moves and routines that’ll serve to boost their confidence. The pride they’ll feel when reaching new achievement and performing will translate to their day-to-day activities and improve their confidence in school too.

Performing Dance Arts’ Dance Classes in Toronto

With our outstanding facilities paired with extraordinary instructors, there’s no better choice when it comes to dance classes in Toronto than Performing Dance Arts. While your little one is learning some new moves, you can stop by to watch their progress from the TVs in our lounge. Enroll your child today, and let them experience the freedom of movement while keeping them busy throughout the school year. Contact us today for more information about the programs we offer, or stop by one of our studios today!

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