Despite the variety of dance lessons designed for kids, the elegance and grace of ballet makes it one of the most popular choices. And with the long and rewarding career that can result from taking dance, it’s little wonder why ballet classes for children remain one of the most popular choices for parents.

Whether you’re signing your child up for dance lessons for fitness or because they are considering a future in the arts, there are a few things you need to consider first. For one, ballet can involve many long productions that may not hold your child’s attention span. Second, choosing the right school and instructors for ballet lessons can mean the difference between your child looking forward to their ballet classes and dreading them.

Ballet dance instruction for kids can have many benefits beyond fitness; for instance, taking lessons will also help with their confidence and self-discipline, which will also show in their schoolwork.

But before you sign your child up for ballet lessons, there are a few things you should do first:

Take Them to a Ballet

To find out if ballet classes are right for your child, you should take them to a performance first. It is recommended that you wait until they are over six years old, since the length of some performances may be too long for them otherwise. Make sure they can understand the story, as some ballets have complicated plots, as well as make a formal evening out if it. And remember to let them know how they’re expected to behave during the performance; a few whispered questions are fine, but if they become restless, take them for a timeout until they are ready to concentrate again. If they lose interest, consider bringing a book or something else to keep them occupied until the performance is over.

Choose the Right Ballet Dance Classes for Children

Do your research first: read what people are saying about the schools you are considering, find out if they offer tours, speak to the other parents to get their opinions, and read what people say about the academy on social media. And don’t feel like you have to travel a great distance for world-class dance lessons; there are many excellent academies located in the suburbs. It is also recommended that you select lessons that meet your child’s schedule; most dance academies offer lessons at least once a week.

Take Your Child’s Age Into Account

It is recommended that children start dance discipline around eight years old. Pre-dance classes start at a younger age and can prepare children for lessons taken when they get older. However, remember that if your child is under eight, their muscles and bones have not developed enough to handle ballet’s at-times vigorous demands.

At Performing Dance Arts, the leading provider of ballet dance lessons for kids, we recognize that the benefits of dance last a lifetime, no matter the style. Not only can dance improve concentration and mental toughness, but it has been found that ballet can improve cognitive function and fight off the effect of dementia later in life.

Whether your child wants a career as a ballet dancer or they want to take lessons for fun and fitness, Performing Dance Arts offers the best ballet dance classes for children in Vaughan, York Region, and beyond!

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