Performing Dance Arts, the top dance studio in Woodbridge, is proud to offer acro dance lessons. This method of dance combines classical dance techniques with elements of acrobatics. It’s a well-rounded form of dance that provides students with excellent flexibility and strength.

As the top acro dance studio in Woodbridge, we teach a technique that combines athleticism and unique choreography. Our acro dance lessons for children will teach your son or daughter a blend of acrobatics and dance. This style of dance is popular for competitive dance, as well as professional dance theatre and contemporary circus such as Cirque du Soleil. Whether you’re looking to improve your child’s fitness or they’re interested in a career as a dancer, acro dance lessons offer both.

Acro dance, also known as acrobatic dance and gymnastic dance, is often recognized as one of the most challenging forms of dance. If your child is already trained in other forms of dance and they’re looking to try a new form, our acro dance studio in Woodbridge teaches dancers of all levels. And even if your child is just starting out learning acro dance, our highly skilled instructors will take the time to teach them this challenging yet rewarding style of dance.

Acro dance has been around in one form or another for over a century. It had its start in the early 1900s, during the Vaudeville era, and since then has evolved into many distinctive styles and incorporated aspects of ballet. A common trait of acro is that it seamlessly combines acrobatic moves and dance; our acro dance lessons for children will teach your child a combination of both dance and gymnastic skills.

Our acro dance lessons teach techniques for solo, pair, and even group performances—these skills are known as “tricks.” Learning this form of dance does require a specialized environment. Our acro dance studio in Woodbridge is fully equipped for acro dance lessons, but note that learning acro dance also requires specialized clothing and footwear; we can advise you on the best places to purchase them at an affordable price.

Though most parents use acro dance lessons for children as a way to improve their physical fitness, there is a competitive aspect to it as well. If your child is interested in dancing competitively, register them at Performing Dance Arts for our competitive acro dance lessons.

Our acro dance studio in Woodbridge provides a comfortable environment for your children to learn this challenging but ultimately rewarding form of dance. When you sign them up for our acro dance lessons for children, not only will they improve their physical fitness, but they’ll also build their confidence and make new friends.

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