For many dancers, strength training is the last thing they want to do after spending hours in the dance studio. With other activities and priorities on their schedule, it can be a challenge to dedicate time for working out. Although dancing itself is an exercise, dancers need to take extra measures to improve their strength and flexibility. Consider how often you jump, twist, lift, and hold positions—strength is vital to your on-stage and in-studio abilities. Here are some important strength tips for dancers and some simple strength exercises for dancers to help you perform your best.

Strengthen Your Core

It is very important that dancers have strong legs and feet, but core strength is also vital to making a good dancer. Your core muscles control much of your stability and balance, so the stronger your core is, the easier you will be able to engage other important muscle groups in your body.

A few exercises that strengthen core muscles include the plank, bicycle crunch, and vertical leg crunch. These core-focused exercises can help improve a dancer’s strength.

Focus on Those Feet

It’s obvious that dancers need to keep their feet strong and in tip-top shape to dance well. During your warmup, focus on exercises that strengthen your articulate metatarsals and work on improving your arches and instep. By activating these parts of your feet, you can keep the right alignment of your toes and prevent the development of bunions, which make it difficult to balance on flat or demi pointe.

An exercise that will help strengthen your pointe is standing and taking slow controlled rises through the demi pointe using both feet and then lifting a leg to focus on a single supporting leg. You should exercise your feet every time you’re in class, and continuously each day. The more consistent you are with your habits, the better your results will be.

Overcome Tightness

Especially in those who began dancing at a young age, it’s easy for their bones to grow faster than their muscles. When this occurs, muscles can feel extra tight, making it uncomfortable and challenging to move fluidly through dance routines and practices. Working out the tightness is important to help young dancers loosen up and perform their best.

Stretching regularly with rollers or balls, and warming up the fascia will increase the range of motion, even during growth spurts. You can also alternate pointing and flexing your feet, and bending and straightening your knees before stretching out the hamstrings. Active or dynamic stretching can also help dancers increase range of motion and flexibility through movement rather than static stretching holds

Allow for More Commanding Movements

When it is performing day, you want your moves to be explosive and vibrant, not tired and weak. Even with a lot of dance practice, your muscles may not have the strength they need to help you perform your best. By adding strength training into your weekly routine, you can overcome issues with fatigue and increase your endurance. Working out and practicing your dance moves are especially important if you have a long or rigorous performance ahead. Strength training can also help you with your lifts and balance, so you can better execute your moves.

Prevent Injuries

As a young dancer, you will quickly get to learn how to make your body move in ways that defy logic and stun audiences. However, without strength and flexibility, dance can be hard on your body and increase the risk of injury. By strengthening your body with different exercises, you can reduce your risk of injury as you dance. Strength training is one of the most effective ways to improve your muscles as well as your tendons and ligaments. Here are some important strength training exercises for dancers.

  • Burpees – To help you dance stronger and faster
  • Cardio – To increase your stamina
  • Squats – To dance stronger and with more power
  • Glute Bridges – For easier hip and leg movements
  • Skaters – To improve coordination and agility

How Performing Dance Arts Can Help Young Dancers Get Stronger

If being a stronger dancer is your priority this year, these helpful tips and exercise ideas are a great place to start. But aside from exercising on your own at home, or joining the gym, it is important that you choose a dance studio that understands the need for overall health and strength for its dancers. If you are looking for the right dance classes for kids in Toronto, look no further than Performing Dance Arts.

At Performing Dance Arts, we provide students with extraordinary instructors that are certified and trained to teach your child how to dance and how to improve more with each lesson. Our teachers will nurture your child’s social, emotional, and physical development and maturity, so they can do well in other areas of their life. We understand that a good dancer takes more than technical skill, and we do our best to ensure we are fostering the right growth in all areas of their lives. Our studio inspires creativity and our instructors will motivate your child to dance with passion, creativity, and excitement.

Let your child experience the joys of dance by enrolled in our dance classes in Toronto. For more information about our programs or to visit our studios to see our facilities for yourself, contact us today.

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