Learning to dance is an excellent form of exercise, so of course dance lessons for kids can be a crucial—and fun!—way of keeping your child in shape. Kids’ dance lessons can also help your child develop a healthy self-image, regardless of their gender.

If your child is shy, dance lessons are an excellent way to help bring them out of their shell. The other bonus of starting your child in dance classes at an early age is that it will foster a lifelong appreciation for the arts, perhaps even leading to a rewarding career in the entertainment industry. Dance will also improve their coordination and balance, which will serve them well if they choose to take up sports later in life.

Here are a few questions parents should consider when signing their children up for dance lessons:

What Is the Right Age to Start At?

When they’re around two years old is usually a good time to start looking at dance for kids. And if your child is four or five years old and they seem to be reluctant, don’t force them; this will only cause them to view dance in a negative light. However, if they are excited about the prospect of kids’ dance classes, sign them up right away!

Before they start their lessons, the child should be able to pay attention, follow instructions, and handle mild critique.

How Do I Find the Right Dance Studio?

Dance lessons for kids and adults have become extremely popular over the last few years thanks to the myriad of dance-based reality shows, causing numerous dance studios to spring up. Do your research first and actually visit the different studios to find the one that is ideal for your child and price range. And don’t forget to look at each studio’s social media pages to see what kinds of special activities their students take part in.

Instructors at a dance studio are typically former dancers themselves who bring expertise to their position, and most dance studios will provide their qualifications on their web sites. You can also ask the studio if they will let you sit in on a class to see if the instructor’s teaching style is right for your child and if the class size is what you are looking for.

Which Style of Dance Should My Child Learn?

This all depends on what your child is interested in. Hip-hop dance for children has become a popular choice in recent years, but many young girls still dream of being a ballerina, so ballet remains a common pick as well, as does the jazz dancing. Find out if the dance studio you’re planning to enrol your child in offers them the chance to try out different styles.

What is the Appropriate Attire?

Before your child starts their dance lessons, you should ask their instructor if they will require specific clothing. Dance for kids often simply requires leotards, tights, and shoes, but it may also call for them to wear a specific colour. And be sure to involve your child in the shopping process, letting them choose clothing that they like, and, most importantly, make sure they try everything on first. As a parent, you know that kids are always going through growth spurts when least expected and, of course, sizing can vary between brands and stores.

Performing Dance Arts offers the best dance lessons for kids in Vaughan and the Greater Toronto Area. Our conveniently located dance studio provides facilities for kids looking to learn ballet, jazz, hip-hop, and more. Our instructors are trained dancers themselves with many years of experience who will provide your child with the guidance they need and answer any questions you may have. We provide our students with affordable lessons in a safe and fun environment and parents can watch their child’s dance lessons in one of our comfortable lounges.

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