Ballet for toddlers

Just like it’s never too late to learn something new, it’s also never too early to start something new. And kids’ dance lessons are one of the best things to start early. Dance classes for toddlers are fun, filled with energy, and offer your little ones an opportunity to bond with other toddlers.

Performing Dance Arts offers children between the ages of three and five a chance to get involved in our dance lessons. You might be wondering how much skill your child can actually learn at that age, but you’ll be shocked just how well our toddlers end up dancing. Plus, more than anything, it is such an amazing experience of collaboration and teamwork that it’s worth every minute.

Our dance school for kids offers a few different options. We’ll discuss these below.

Types of Dance Classes for Kids Aged 3 to 5

Ballet Dance Classes

Talk about the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. When you first see your toddler walk out in their ballet outfit, you’ll be fighting back tears. More than that though, we’ll be teaching your child basic ballet steps, plus the rhythm and etiquette related to this discipline of dance. Your child will be taught by professional dancers who will make sure each lesson is enriching and enjoyable.

Pre-School Hip Hop

This is one of our more popular dance classes for kids. Hip hop is free-flowing and exciting, and it gives your toddler a chance to explore some cool dance moves. So much of hip hop is about rhythm and energy, so we make sure to give your toddler the tools to make the most of their experience. Jazz for ToddlersJazz dancing is a lot about flexibility and flowing movements. The class is actually one of our more popular ones, with kids really enjoying the routines taught by our professional dance instructors. Your child will have a blast learning new dance moves and collaborating with all the new friends they are sure to make.

Tap Dance Classes

Tap is still one of the most popular forms of dance, and many of kids are getting into and enjoying it more than ever. It takes technique and coordination to become good at tap dancing, and we’ll help your toddlers every step of the way. Not only will they be tapping across the dance floor before you know it, they’ll have fun doing it.

Dance Classes for Toddlers in Vaughan

Performing Dance Arts is excited to offer dance lessons to toddlers as young as three in Vaughan. If you are looking for a fun activity for your kids, contact us right away. We’re always happy to welcome new dancers to our team.

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