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Do you want to get involved in the dance convention community? Are you a parent who has heard about the numerous benefits dance conventions can provide but are unsure of what exactly that looks like? You’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we’ll dive into everything there is to know about dance conventions for kids—from what they have to offer both dancers and parents, to how you can prepare your child for a dance convention.

What Is a Dance Convention?

A dance convention for kids is an exciting event designed to provide young dancers the chance to step outside of their normal practice environment and have a unique learning opportunity. Kids can learn from expert teachers, explore variations of their chosen style, push themselves to create new routines, and connect with other dancers.

Dance conventions are typically created by well-known studios or companies that offer specialized dance lessons in various styles for days or weekends in designated auditoriums or theaters. From group hip hop workshops to solo ballet performances—it’s a day of discovery and exploration for any passionate dancer.

Who Can Attend a Dance Convention?

All young dancers with an interest in learning more about their chosen style of dance are welcome to attend a dance convention—whether they are part of a team or just starting out. Dance conventions are usually divided into different age levels, which includes children aged 6-9, tweens aged 10-12, and teens aged 13-17.

While the material taught may be challenging at times, everyone can find something that suits their own level of skill and experience.

Why Should Your Child Attend a Dance Convention?

Dance conventions can offer an invaluable learning experience for young dancers. By attending a dance convention, your child will be surrounded by experts in the field who can provide guidance to optimize their performance and increase their technical abilities.

Moreover, these conventions are often filled with exciting opportunities such as workshops and seminars which allow them to acquire sophisticated techniques from the best in the business. It is worth noting that at dance conventions, there are typically engaging competitions that provide your child with an opportunity to show off their talent and receive feedback from leading industry professionals.

Things to Consider when Selecting a Dance Convention for Your Kid

When selecting a dance convention for your kid, there are several factors that must be considered. Here are some tips for choosing the best dance convention for kids.

      • Ask Your Child’s Dance Teacher: Talking to your child’s teacher can give you invaluable feedback about what kind of workshops, seminars, and instructors would best suit your child’s current level of ability and dance needs.
      • Do Proper Research: The cost of attending is an important consideration, and the location of the convention should suit your needs. You should also find out if parent involvement is allowed and encouraged or if there are any age restrictions.
      • Find Out What Classes Are Offered: It’s essential to investigate what type of classes and instructors will be available at the convention—everything from Broadway to ballet should be considered.
      • Check If the Dance Convention Allows Independent Dancers: By participating in dance conventions that accept independent dancers, your child will have access to more unique opportunities they may not find while attending large commercial conventions.
      • Consider Your Child’s Dance Level and Interests: You want to make sure that your child feels comfortable and confident during their experience—look for conventions that take safety and security seriously so you can trust in their care of your child.

What Is the Difference between a Dance Convention and a Dance Competition?

Anyone who has experience in the world of dance is likely to have encountered both dance conventions and competitions. While the element of performance is a shared aspect between these two activities, there are many differences between them.

Conventions offer great opportunities for dancers to learn from and be guided by some of the most prominent figures in their field. Students can also interact, collaborate, and inspire each other to take their dance to the next level. On the other hand, dance competitions are more focused on individual performances that are then judged according to strict criteria.

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