Total Technique  July 16 & 18

During this clinic our focus will be on flexibility and strength.
We will be working on exercises that will support the dancer’s ability to be able to balance, jump & turn. We will also develop a better understanding of how to properly execute jumps & leg extensions. 
The material will range in level as we will give each dancer what they need according to their age and ability. 
We will provide the dancers with creative turning sequences, jumps & leg variations.

8-10yrs : 530-730    $70.00
11-13yrs : 630-845    $80.00
14+yrs : 6:15-9:00    $90.00

The Mind, Body and Connection Clinic July 23 & 25

Throughout this clinic we will be diving deeper into our bodies & focusing on coming from the inside out. We will be journaling, listening to a motivational speaker & strengthening our body of work. This clinic will allow the dancers to build a stronger connection between the-or mind, body & soul and the connection between the art form of dance.

8-10yrs : 6-8        $70.00
11-13yrs : 7-9        $70.00
14+yrs : 715-915   $70.00

Groves & Movement Clinic  July 30 & August 1

This clinic will focus on providing the dancers with tools and skills to help support their growth with their improv and movement.
We will focus on getting the dancers to take space, understand how to use space and how to transition while improving.
The dancers will have more confidence with their improv and movement quality.

8-10yrs: 430-630    $70.00
11-13yrs : 630-845   $80.00
14+yrs : 615-915       $95.00