July 20th & 21st
4:30 pm – 6:30 pm

  • During this clinic we will focus on a variety of Jumps.
  • We will give the dancers the tools necessary to execute jumps, while preventing injury and protecting their bodies.
  • The material will range in level as we will give each dancer what they need according to their age and ability.
  • We will work on basic jumps that will develop and support their strength as well as teach the dancers new jumps and jump sequences.
  • We will be working on developing a strong understanding of how to enter into Jumps as well as our how to properly exit out of Jumps.
  • We will provide the dancers with different ways to incorporate Jumps into their improv.

Floorwork & Transitions

August 10th & 11th
4:30 pm – 6:30 pm
•    For ages 9 years and up
•    Focusing on floorwork as well as moving seamlessly from the floor to standing while doing intricate transitions.
•    The clinic will offer the dancers more body awareness and how to use the floor correctly.

Jumps & Turns

August 17th & 18th
4:30  pm– 6:30 pm
•    For ages 7 years and up
•    Focusing a series of jumps sequences and integrating our turns going into jumps as well as our turns moving into jumps.
•    This clinic will challenge the dancers ability to change direction while doing jumping and turning progressions.

Fee: $45.00 total