Summer is over and fall is upon us. And you know what that means: winter isn’t too far behind. You’re doubtlessly looking for ways to keep your children active once it’s too cold to play outside. As the top dance studio in Woodbridge and York Region, Performing Dance Arts tells parents that dance is an excellent way to keep active during the winter.

In addition to keeping active, dance is also an excellent way to help your child build their confidence and lose their inhibitions; we have seen many wallflowers bloom once they start taking lessons at our dance studio in Woodbridge. And with the popularity of shows like So You Think You Can Dance? and Glee, which features big dance numbers, dancing has seen an increase in popularity amongst kids.

But dance has many health benefits as well, both physical and mental. With winter right around the corner, it is the ideal activity if you want your kids to stay active. It aids in weight loss and helps them to stay flexible. And now that they’re back to school, they’re doubtlessly going to be feeling a lot of stress; dance is an excellent stress reliever. And best of all, taking lessons at our dance studio in Woodbridge will help them to create friendships that will last a lifetime.

Here are just a few of the benefits of dance:

  1. Boosts memory: There is evidence that the aerobic exercise that dance provides prevents the hippocampus, the part of the brain associated with memory, from shrinking; a smaller hippocampus can lead to impaired memory and dementia later in life. This is something your child will doubtlessly benefit from during the school year!
  2. Improves flexibility: All the forms of dance we teach at our dance studio in Woodbridge, especially ballet, will increase your child’s flexibility.
  3. Diminishes depression: Dancing provides physical activity, which in turn releases endorphins. In fact, a study involving patients suffering from depression found that their mood greatly improved after participating in a group dance session.
  4. Good for your heart: Dance is an effective form of cardiovascular exercise, improving blood flow. And you can never start early with encouraging good heart health!

With skyrocketing rates of childhood obesity, dance is an excellent activity to help kids lose those excess pounds and keep them off. In addition, slimming down and getting into shape will further help to boost their confidence.

Since dance requires a lot of fast movement and balance, taking lessons at our dance studio in Woodbridge will improve your child’s coordination and posture. During the winter, feeling lethargic is natural but if you register your child for lessons at our dance studio in Woodbridge, you’ll see a big improvement in their energy level.

If you’re looking for physical activity for your child this winter, bring them to Performing Dance Arts’ dance studio in Woodbridge. They’ll get exercise and have fun too!


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