Adrianne Haslet-Davis, a Boston-area dance instructor who lost a leg in the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing, provided inspiration for dancers everywhere when she took to the stage to dance following a speech by Hugh Herr, the creator of her prosthetic leg and an amputee himself, at a TED conference in Vancouver in March 2014. Performing Dance Arts, the leading provider of dance lessons in Woodbridge, commends Haslet-Davis for returning to the stage after her injury. (See the link at the bottom of the page for a video of Haslet-Davis’ performance.)

We believe that dance can provide confidence for a shy child and bring them out of their shell. If you have a child who’s hesitant about taking dance lessons, Haslet-Davis provides an excellent example of someone who overcame a life-changing injury and returned to the stage to pursue her passion.

Haslet-Davis danced a rumba with her partner, Christian Lightner, and they received a standing ovation from the audience, many of whom had tears in their eyes. She also received congratulations from former U.S. vice president Al Gore. We believe in helping in overcoming shyness and building confidence with our dance lessons in Woodbridge; who knows, your child could receive a standing ovation themselves one day!

Before her injury, Haslet-Davis was an instructor at Boston’s famed Arthur Murray Dance Studio. After the bombing, in which her husband was also injured, she met Herr, who, besides creating the prosthetic legs that he and Haslet-Davis use, is also the director of the biomechatronics media group at MIT Media.

Herr, who lost both legs to frostbite following a rock climbing accident in 1982, provided her with the inspiration she needed to start dancing again. Haslet-Davis was scheduled to speak at the TED conference, but the experience was so overwhelming and emotional that she had to leave the room.

Dancing in front of an audience requires confidence, something our dance lessons in Woodbridge seek to build in every student. Haslet-Davis’ brave return to the stage after an injury that could have sidelined her forever shows a sense of determination that is inspiring to not only dancers, but anyone who has suffered a seemingly impossible setback in life.

Even if your child has danced in the past and experienced a setback, Haslet-Davis’ brave return to the stage after her life-altering injury should provide them with the inspiration they need to return to the stage as well. When you sign your child up for dance lessons in Woodbridge, our instructors will work closely with them to restore their confidence and sense of dignity. Contact Performing Dance Arts for more information or to register your child today!


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