Everything You Need to Know to Become a Professional Dancer in 2022

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Becoming a professional dancer is not easy, but it is certainly achievable! All it takes is hard work, love, dedication, and aptitude, and your child can one day fulfill their dreams of dancing full-time.

But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s first go over some tips on how to become a professional dancer.

It’s also worth noting that not all kids who take dance lessons want to become professional dancers, and that’s okay! While this article is focused on that professionally minded group, dance classes can still have many benefits for children, both serious lovers of dance and casual performers alike. After all, dance classes are fun, exciting, healthy, socially enriching, and so much more!

What Is a Professional Dancer?

As the name implies, a professional dancer is someone who has the qualifications, abilities, and training to perform a style of dance professionally. This means that they dance for a living, full-time and get paid to perform. Whether they’re performing in front of live audiences, as part of a ballet, in music videos or movies, or on Broadway, there are many potential paths open to professional dancers.

The day in the life of a professional dancer is filled with directors, choreographers, and other dancers all trying their best to nail down a specific routine or performance. Typically, professionals are employed by larger dance companies, but they may have their own dance troupe as well. Other times, professional dancers need to audition for specific roles in productions and shows. A lot of their time is often spent learning new routines and practicing the performance.

What Are the Different Types of Dance Classes Available in Maple?

If you’re looking for a dance studio in Maple that offers it all, you’re in luck! Performing Dance Arts offers your child a wide range of instruction in a variety of dance styles. Our teachers are second-to-none and will ensure that your child is learning their favorite dance style while having fun and staying safe.

And if they have any questions about dance as a profession, we’ll offer professional dance tips on how to become a professional dancer. Here are some of the styles offered at our dance studio in Maple.

Ballet Dance

More art than sport, ballet is all about conveying a story or feeling with precise movements of the body. Dancers looking to go this route need specific training in form, stance, and the unique demands of ballet as a style.

Hip-Hop Dance

Perhaps the most popular contemporary style, hip-hop requires a looseness and confidence accompanied by intense dedication to nailing intricate and rhythmic movements.

Tap Dance

A stage performance that turns the body into a living instrument, tap dance requires very precise movements of the feet in order to produce the desired sound, alongside the ability to keep the beat, rhythm, and dance choreography all working in concert together.

Jazz Dance

More improvisational than other styles, jazz dance involves intricate movements of the body and was popularized in the early twentieth-century jazz clubs.

Important Tips to Become Professional Dancer in Maple

If your child is hoping to one day become a professional dancer, here are some tips that can get them on the right path.

Train at a Reputed Dance Studio in Maple

If your child is set on becoming a professional dancer, then they need to train at a professional dance studio in Maple. This will prepare them through instruction on dance technique as well a teach them how to efficiently practice a routine.

Start Daily Practicing with Dedication

Becoming a professional anything requires work—dance is no exception. It takes dedication and hard work, and as such, requires your child to be passionate and able to work at it almost every day. After all, professional dancers eat, breathe, and sleep dance.

Attend Auditions and Build a Network

Very few dancers are “discovered” after a one-off performance; it takes years of performing on stages across your area to develop the skills and network necessary to set your child up for success. Having them audition for local performances now can teach them valuable skills about success and rejection and help them build a thick skin and determination.

Consider Furthering Your Child’s Education in Dance

From primary school years to well into university, there are a wide range of options for children looking to study dance for years, even decades. And if they want to become professionals, then they need to situate themselves as lifelong learners when it comes to dance. Getting on stage as much as possible while developing the necessary dance skills is key to building those long-term skills and stage confidence necessary to excel in dance.

Start Your Child’s Journey to Becoming a Professional Dancer with Performing Dance Arts!

If your chid is set on becoming a professional dancer, then you can get them started on this exciting journey by having them join our Maple dance studio. Performing Dance Arts is renowned for having some of the best dance classes in Toronto for all styles.

With us, they’ll not only receive top-notch instruction in their preferred dance style but get dance tips on how to become a professional dancer from instructors who have done it all.

Our children’s dance classes in Toronto are designed to help your child do what they love—dance—while improving their skills and learning new moves along the way.

If you’re looking for one of the best dance studios in Ontario, then get in touch with us today! Contact us to register your child or learn more about which style and program fits best. We offer dance classes for all skill levels and ages!

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