One of the most fulfilling parts of running a dance arts academy is having the opportunity to watch your dance students grow and develop in so many aspects—it’s not just about learning a new art; it’s also about developing confidence and letting your personality shine. The self-confidence that comes from being on stage and being part of a group, or interacting with other students about topics inside and outside of dance lessons helps young dancers mature and feel comfortable in their own skin. Being dance instructors takes on a whole other meaning when you recognize the impact you are truly having on a young person’s life.

But dance is ageless—from the young to the old, those who take dance lessons or engage in some kind of regular dance routine can enjoy the many benefits dance offers. In fact, it’s also quite amazing to see how the benefits of dance span generations. The following are three benefits that stand out the most.

Top Three Benefits of Dance for the Young and Old

Fights Dementia and Parkinson’s Disease

The Albert Einstein College of Medicine conducted a study that spanned 21 years. The study’s researchers discovered that dancing on a regular basis reduced the chances of acquiring dementia by 76%. The thought is that dancing regularly engages the part of the brain responsible for memory, which prevents it from shrinking; typically, it is the deterioration of this part of the brain that is associated with memory loss and dementia.

In patients with Parkinson’s, a disease that affects a notable portion of the Canadian population under 30 years old, the movements associated with various types of dance help these patients gain flexibility and reverse some of the muscle trauma caused by Parkinson’s disease.

Taking this one step further, by enrolling your children in dance lessons at a young age, you’ll set them on the right path toward preventing and limiting the impact of dementia and Parkinson’s later on.

Healthy Way to Manage Weight

Today, our society is much more health-conscious than we’ve ever been. While people are finally realizing that sporadic dieting is not the way to go, more and more recognize that regular activity, paired with a consistently healthy diet, yields much better results. But many people are looking for new and fun ways to get this regular physical activity.

Dancing burns calories, lowers cholesterol levels, and is a fun way to stay active and in shape without feeling burdened by any one regiment. Furthermore, with the various types of dance lessons available, there’s bound to be a style for every child, adult, and senior.

Improves Mental Health

This is an important one. From a scientific standpoint, exercise, including dancing, helps release endorphins to the brain, which naturally makes you feel happier.

Unfortunately, with so many of us, especially younger people, having multiple commitments and less time to be physically active, we have seen increased rates of suicide and depression across Canada. For this reason alone, it’s important to get your child out and active at a young age, showing them that it’s possible—and important—to set aside time to be physically active.

For a mental health boost, dance lessons are an excellent option at any age. Dance allows individuals to express themselves in a welcoming and supportive environment. Dance lessons can also encourage social interaction and foster friendships, while also working to release endorphins for a natural mood boost.

Dance Lessons at Performing Dance Arts

At Performing Dance Arts, we aim to instil the foundations of these benefits into the young boys and girls who join our dance arts academy. These are lessons they carry with them into adulthood, where they hopefully recognize how important physical activity is to their overall mental and physical health.

If you’re looking for a dance academy in Vaughan, make Performing Dance Arts your first choice. We’ll ensure your children get the exercise they need to feel and stay healthy, while also having fun, encouraging confidence, and fostering new friendships. Bonus: our dance lessons can also benefit your wallet with our special family discounts. Visit our web site for more information on how you can sign your children up for dance lessons in Vaughan or register online today.

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