How Ballet Can Help Your Child Build Athletic Skills

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If you are a parent, you may be wondering how to get your child off the iPad and onto the sports field, but not every child is designed for soccer or football. Did you know that you can help your child develop their athletic skills in other ways, such as ballet dance classes? Ballet lessons can help your child develop valuable character traits and physical abilities that will help them grow into strong, confident, capable adults. If you’re looking for the right ballet dance studio to get your child started on an incredible athletic journey, here are the skills they can develop with us.

Athlete Skills Developed by Ballet Dance

  • Flexibility: Ballet helps kids develop a full range of motion in their joints and muscles. Maximum extension and proper alignment can help prevent injuries and make your young dancer look like a professional.
  • Confidence: Learning and developing the skills required to be a good ballet dancer does more than help them physically. Ballet classes can help your child feel more confident about who they are, how their body moves, and encourage them to try new things.
  • Strength: Your child will learn how to generate forceful muscle contractions to jump, spin, maintain good posture and pointe, and more.
  • Concentration: It takes concentration to repeat the same movements or learn a difficult routine. Ballet choreography helps kids mirror and memorize movements, focus, and strengthen their concentration skills.
  • Teamwork: Some sports require private training, but ballet classes encourage teamwork and working with others. Learning how to cooperate and work with other kids of different skill levels and personalities will help your child succeed in all other areas of life.
  • Coordination: Efficient movement in dance is required for sequencing and timing muscle contractions while dancing.
  • Dedication: Many kids want to give up when they fail or make a mistake. Ballet dance encourages kids to get back up and try again, never giving up. Learning how to be dedicated is a practical skill that may help your child with their academics, and help them pursue their goals until they achieve them.

How Performing Dance Arts Can Help You Raise Your Athlete Child

Ballet is more than delicate movements and ease, it requires strength, focus, power, coordination, confidence, flexibility, and much more. When your child is young, they have the best chances of developing valuable skills that will remain with them for the rest of their lives. If you want to invest in their health and athletic progress, our ballet dances are a great place to be.

At Performing Dance Arts, we provide our students with quality teachers who have worked and trained in the dance industry for years. They can educate your child on choreography and theory, while respecting their individual creativity as a young dancer. Our classes are fun for beginners and our comfortable environment will help nervous students grow in confidence. If you’re considering ballet dance classes for your child, contact us and we will help you find the right teacher and classroom.

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