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Enrolling your child in dance lessons is a great way to help keep them healthy as well as learn a new skill. Dance classes, depending on the type, usually promote discipline and good posture too. In addition to all of the physical health benefits, it’ll also give your child an opportunity to meet other kids and make new friends, and develop their self-esteem while developing an appreciation for the arts.

Realizing that dance classes have a ton of benefits for your child, you may be wondering how much dance classes cost for kids. The cost of dance lessons for children can vary depending on a number of factors, including the academy you enrol them in, the type of dance they’re interested in pursuing, the frequency of their lessons, and whether you’d like them to have one-on-one time with an instructor. The average cost of private dance lessons is a little higher than if you were to register them for a group lesson. You’ll want to think about how seriously your child takes dance when deciding between the two—for some, dance will just be a childhood hobby while others may want to seriously pursue it as a career.

When thinking about signing you child up for lessons, there are expenses other than the actual cost of the dance classes that you’ll need to consider; the last thing you want is to be surprised by hidden costs. We’ve broken down the general costs that accompany dance classes for children and toddlers

How Much Will It Cost to Enrol Your Child in Dance Lessons?

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The average cost of a dance class can vary depending on the academy that you select and how often you’d like your lessons to be. Dance academies usually offer different packages to suit the needs of their clients. If your child is interested in trying out dance lessons but isn’t completely sure if they’d like to commit, you may be able to pay on a class-by-class basis. This will allow them to get a feel for the art and figure out whether they’d like to continue—plus, it won’t rope you into paying for classes that your child doesn’t want to attend. Alternatively, dance schools often offer package deals at discounted rates. When you purchase a series of lessons you’ll end up paying less in the long run; however, this is only a good option if you think your child will stick with it.

The actual dance lessons are only the beginning when it comes to calculating how much it’ll cost to have your child take dance lessons. The first thing you’ll need to think about is how accessible the studio you select is for you. Unless you live in a rural area, it’ll probably be easy to find a dance school near you. However, that doesn’t mean that the most conveniently located one will be the right fit. After selecting your dance academy, factor the transportation costs into the overall price to get a more accurate idea of how much everything will cost.

Another cost that you may incur are the fees associated with recitals and performances. Most academies have end of year dance recitals, which will warrant an entirely new set of costs that covers costumes, jewellery, shoes, and travel. Costume rentals can range from $50.00 to upwards of $200.00. After adding in the cost of new shoes, jewellery, and transportation to and from the recital venue, you could be looking at a few hundred extra dollars. If you’re not prepared to dish out the extra cash, you can always ask whether there will be a recital or performance at the end of the year before singing you child up for lessons.

While recitals for casual dance lessons can be costly, competitive dance programs can be even more expensive. If you’ve enrolled your child in a competitive dance program, then be prepared to run into some pretty significant extra costs. If your child joins a competitive dance program, be prepared to pay for conventions and workshops, entry fees for competitions, costume deposits, as well as uniforms and track suits. There is often a lot of travel involved with competitive dance teams, depending on where their competitions take place. This type of program demands more in terms of a financial and time commitment as compared to an open dance class. The goal with these programs is to compete with others and win whereas open dance programs are a little more laid back and focused on learning. Though both of these dance programs are different, you’ll experience extra costs with the both of them. It’s best to decide between these choices based on you child’s preferences.

Performing Dance Arts: Summer Dance Intensive

Performing Dance Arts is proud to offer a unique Summer Dance Intensive program that’s designed to push dancers of all levels to achieve their personal best. With an emphasis on diversity, this program offers classes in Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Stretch, Technique, as well as Jumps and Turns. The 2017 Summer Dance Intensive is available to a variety of age groups:

Mini (5-7 Years) | $245.00 + HST
Junior (8-11 Years) | $335.00 + HST
Teen (11-13 Years) | $335.00 + HST
Senior (14-18 Years) | $335.00 + HST
Teachers (19 & Over) | $335.00 + HST

Performing Dance Arts: Princess Camp & Superhero Camp

Looking to treat your little one and keep them busy for a couple days this summer? Performing Dance Arts is excited to offer the popular Princess Camp and Superhero Camp programs again this year! Drop your princess or superhero off for a day of fun and learning from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Our princess camp includes two dance lessons per day, etiquette lessons, arts and crafts, nail art, and many more activities. From our superhero camp, you can expect dance lessons accompanied by fun obstacle courses, movies, games, and even face painting! Our rates for the princess and superhero day camps are as follows:

Princess Camp
5-Day Camp:  $190.00 + HST
4-Day Camp:  $165.00 + HST
Single-Day Camp:  $55.00 + HST

Superhero Camp
4-Day Camp:  $165.00 + HST
Single-Day Camp:  $55.00 + HST

Performing Dance Arts is a leading dance academy in the Vaughan and Woodbridge areas. With four themed dance studios for each of our main dances—Jazz, Tap, Ballet, and Hip Hop—our dancers are provided with an unprecedented dance experience. Our trained instructors can help your child learn the dance they’re interested in and give them a personalized experience, even in a group setting. For more information, please feel free to contact us or stop by for a visit!

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