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When your children enroll in dance classes in Etobicoke or Toronto it’s an exciting experience for both children and parents alike. However, less youth these days have shown an interest in dance compared to the way people did in the past. Dance used to be a cultural activity that brought the community together, but our society has changed that. Why don’t kids dance as much anymore? How can you encourage your child to join dance classes? Here are some important things to consider.

Why Don’t Kids Dance Anymore?

Feeling Embarrassed

Thanks to selfie-encouraging platforms and today’s online culture, there are so many reminders of what others really think of us. Worrying about how we appear to others online has translated into our daily lives and people are too afraid of embarrassment or the chance of humiliation. Dancing is meant to be a form of expression, but many kids are so worried about looking silly or getting made of that they have become too nervous to dance. Dance used to be a cultural activity, but now people are too self-conscious to let loose.

Not a Good Dancer

Too many times we give up on new opportunities without even trying. We simply say, “I can’t dance” when we haven’t taken the time to learn. This mentality is what holds us back from embracing new opportunities and persevering in a hobby until it becomes a true talent. Like any skill, dance requires practice and tremendous effort and commitment. It isn’t something that comes naturally to everyone.

Friends Aren’t Going to Dance Class

Another challenge to overcome in today’s culture is the desire to follow the crowd. Many kids only participate in activities if their friends or family members are doing it too. The same mentality applies to adults who want to go to the gym with a friend but won’t go on their own. While there is comfort in sharing an activity with trusted individuals, we shouldn’t need our friends to join in every activity we try. Strong friendships can be built through children’s dance classes in Toronto and your children can and will make new friendships that could last a lifetime.

Too Busy in Gadgets

The digital revolution has dramatically changed our culture. Many things we used to do have become difficult or uninteresting to today’s youth. Even social interaction has changed. Children are heavily involved in their technology, whether it be video game consoles or mobile devices and phones. Studies have shown the negative impact of too much screen time for kids, so encouraging your child to get involved with dance will be a great way to help them engage in the arts and spend less time cooped up in their room.

How to Get Your Child Interested in Dance Classes

Explain the Benefits of Dance

One way to introduce your child to dance classes is by explaining the benefits. Dancing is good for the body and good for the soul. It lets your child learn new things, increases their creativity, and helps them find something new that they may love. There is a lot to gain from dance classes. Dance is also great for physical exercise and socialization. As your child gets better at each dance move and technique, they will feel confident in knowing that they can achieve their goals, while also connecting with other kids their age.

Know Their Interests

The better you know your child, the more effective you will be in helping them pursue their interests. If your child loves hip hop music, consider enrolling them in children’s hip hop dance classes in Toronto. If they love doing cartwheels in the park and constantly seek ways to push the limits of their body, acro dance is a great option. Or if your child wants to try and elegant style, enroll them in ballet classes in Toronto for kids. There are many different aspects to dance and there is no one-size-fits- all style. Try to suggest options that appeal to your child’s interests.

Encourage them to Have Fun

Perfecting a dance routine is hard work. It takes hours of practice over the course of many years. This long-term commitment can be challenging for kids, especially when they see their friends doing other things. Dance classes should be viewed as a fun activity to do with others. Dancing should never become a chore. Pay attention to your child during class or speak to their instructor. Make sure that they are smiling and having a good time. Dance recitals can be a stressful time for parents, but after kids perfect their routines, it can be a fantastic experience for them. Always support your child’s interest in dance and encourage them to love the activity and have fun with it.

How Performing Dance Arts Can Help You

Dance is an incredible activity that can become a passion when you start at a young age. However, there are many challenges that our culture faces today that affect how interested children are in dance. If you used to dance as a child or see the value in participating in this art form, use the tips above to help you encourage your child to get involved as well. If you need extra help or are looking for the right place for your child to enroll in dance classes, we can help.

Performing Dance Arts has trained instructors with years of industry experience and skill, who care greatly about the progress and happiness of our students. Our outstanding studios inspire creativity and our instructors will motivate your child to dance with passion, creativity, and excitement.

Our classes cater to children of all ages and skill levels, so contact us today to enroll your child or learn more. If you want a firsthand idea of what our dance studios are like, simply pay us a visit!

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