It’s not easy trying to figure out what your son or daughter wants to do. Most of the time, they have many interests that seem to change with the seasons. Dance is no different. Even if your child shows a strong interest in the art form, deciphering which style of dance is right for them is a whole other story.

Dancing with the Stars

Maybe a good place to begin figuring out your child’s level of enthusiasm for dance is to observe their habits. Children are exposed to so much now through television and social media that they may gravitate naturally to a style of dance that suits them best, thus expressing a clear interest.

However, while most parents hope their child will express their interest, sometimes, it’s just not that simple. In these instances, when it’s not immediately clear what style your child most enjoys, it will take some work on both your parts to determine the right fit.

Talking to your child is a good way to draw out some initial information. Ask them how they feel when they dance, what they like most about dancing, and what kind of music or even what song they most like dancing to. Would they rather dance just for fun or do they want to dance competitively? Having that conversation will at least begin the process of narrowing down their preferred style of dance, and you’ll subsequently find out just how serious they are about the art.

Can They Dance? 

This is where it gets a bit tricky. You always want to encourage your kids to do whatever interests them, especially when it’s something with so many physical health benefits. But, talent matters in dance. So even if you register your child for dance classes, it’s important to establish their level of skill prior to the beginning of the class. Performing Dance Arts’ dance lessons for kids cater to both competitive and casual dancers at any skill level and in many different styles.

The beautiful part is that even if they aren’t competitive in the beginning, the training they receive at the casual level might boost their confidence and spur their interests in competing further down the road. To judge which style your child is most comfortable with, as well as to determine which style they flourish in, register them in a different class each semester so they can try out a number of different ones.

At the end of the day, dance lessons are supposed to be a fun way to get active and build confidence. Don’t get too caught up in trying to turn your child into a dance superstar. Let them enjoy themselves, meet new people who share similar interests, and learn new skills while improving their sense of discipline and accountability.

You can register your child for the 2015/2016 season at the beginning of June. In the meantime, start looking into what styles your children may be interested in and read up on the styles of dance lessons for kids Performing Dance Arts offers.

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