Your children’s day shouldn’t end as soon as they finish school—it’s important for them to take part in extracurricular activities to stay active and meet other kids outside of their school environment. However, finding an after-school activity for your child in elementary school can be a challenge, especially if they haven’t expressed curiosity of anything in particular. Try proposing fun things to do after school to your child and see what piques their interest. Enrolling them in an activity that interests them, like music or dance lessons, will help them decompress after a busy day at school and allow them to learn from an exercise they actually enjoy. If you’re at a loss for how to keep your kids busy during the holidays and after school, check out this list of 8 ways to keep your child active!

8 Ways to Keep Your Child Active

Sports Programs

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Childhood obesity is a concerning reality, and letting your child take part in organized sports is one way to combat this deadly disease. Let your child choose a sport that interests them and join them in a team according to their skill level at your local community centre. Sports teams not only let kids get their exercise in but they’ll teach them how to work effectively in a team—a skill that’ll come in handy through any walk of life.

Public Libraries

Still wondering how to keep your kid who isn’t the outdoor type busy? Public libraries often have after-school reading programs and activities that children and partake in that are sometimes completely free of cost. While this isn’t the best option if you want to get your son or daughter up and active during the summer, it’s an awesome way to make sure that they continue to develop their reading skills while being able to socialise with others.

Dance Lessons

Even if your child isn’t the most coordinated, dance lessons can be a ton of fun. Enrolling them in a beginner ballet, hip hop, tap, or even jazz dance class is a good way to introduce them to the idea of working in a team while allowing them to get their exercise in. Having an after-school commitment like dance lessons will prevent your child from spending the afternoon on the couch in front of the television. Even if they’re resistant at first, most will warm up to the idea once they meet the other children and make friends in their class.

Summer Camps

This is a super versatile option when thinking about how to keep kids busy during summer break. Summer camps can range from just a few hours during the day or can be a sleepover camp that kids can take part in for weeks at a time. Select a summer camp that both you and your child are comfortable with and a program that offers activities they have an interest in. Certain camps focus on specific subjects; for example, there are ones to choose from such as science camps, dance camps, and arts camps.

Music Lessons

Learning a new instrument can be a very stimulating activity for school-aged children and a great way to keep kids busy after school. While they may not be attuned to visiting a tutor to keep their minds active during the summer holidays, some children might be open to and even eager to take up music lessons. These lessons can be just as helpful as extra reading and homework as they keep the mind active and thinking—learning new things is the best way to help a developing mind. Hiring a private instructor or simply going to classes held by your local community is an awesome way to begin learning how to read music and play a new instrument.


An integral and potentially life-saving skill, swimming is also a full-body workout. Teaching your kids to swim is a great idea, especially if you have a pool or live near a body of water. Enrolling your child in swimming lessons will keep them busy after school, let them exercise without even realizing it, and give you a little peace of mind when you’re at the beach this summer.


Some kids are more apt in the art department than the physical—if your child has expressed an interest in art, do your best to encourage them. Buying them supplies for painting and sketching, and even doing these together with them is a great after-school activity. It can be a relaxing activity for both you and them!

Nature Walk

Make it a point to take nature walks with your child a few times a week. Play games like “I Spy” and point out animals you see around the neighbourhood. While this isn’t vigorous exercise, getting out of the house and taking a light stroll is an awesome way to get a little light physical activity in for the entire family. You can even stop off at the park for some fun or hike on a special nature trail.

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