How to Memorize a Dance Routine Quickly

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Ballet Dance Lessons in Etobicoke and Vaughan

One of the most important parts of dance is actually remembering the dance steps themselves. After all, your routine won’t be successful if you’re not performing the right steps.

Our dance classes in Vaughan, Ontario prioritize all aspects of dance, so your child can excel—both mentally and physically. Let’s take a look at four techniques that will help your child memorize their dance routines easier and faster than usual.

Watch Before You Do

Dancing is fun and exciting and, more often than not, your child is going to want to get right out there and try the moves they just saw. But this can actually hold them back from absorbing the routine.

Instead, your child is better off watching the routine a few times to get a feel for the overall, general progress of the dance before trying out specific moves. That way, they’ll be more able to picture the routine in their mind before learning each individual step.


It’s easier to remember things in segments and sections rather than as just one large, muddy bundle of information.

The same applies for dance programs in Vaughan.

Your child is almost always better off learning dance routines in chunks, allowing them to absorb the dance piece by piece, nailing down specific parts of the dance without getting overwhelmed by moving on too quickly to the next part. After watching the dance as outlined above, going at it, part by part, is a great way to speed up the learning process.

Use Contexts in the Song

Music is a key part of dance and can be a great help when learning the moves. Use contextual clues in the song to help mark when it’s time to perform a certain move and help your child keep track of the routine.

Associating certain parts of the song with certain dance moves can be a great way to start nailing down those moves at the exact right moments.

Make Up Your Own Personal Cues

Your child can come up with their own personal cues that help them identify when it’s time to perform a move or for a certain section of the routine to begin. These personal cues can be anything from sounds to actions that they can associate with the moves.

From naming the moves to snapping to even using sound effects, there are a variety of ways that your child can connect the moves to a token that lets them pick up the dance routine faster.

Dance Programs in Vaughan from Expert Instructors

Now that we know how to make things easier for your child when it comes to memorizing the routine, what they need next is the perfect dance studio in Vaughan where they can learn and grow as a dancer.

Performing Dance Arts is one of the top Vaughan dance studios. We prioritize fun, development, and safety while your child gets to do what they love—dance!

Our dance programs in Vaughan are available both online and in-person, ready to teach your child dance in the setting they feel most comfortable in.

We have dance lessons in Vaughan for children of all ages and skill levels, so contact us today to register your child or learn more about which style and program fits best.

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