How to Prevent Dance Injuries

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Dancing provides a wide range of benefits for your kids. From being active and creative to meeting new friends and helping them learn the value of commitment, children’s dance classes in Toronto are fun and beneficial for your child. That said, as with any physical activity, there is a risk of dance injuries. The good news is you can take some proactive steps to help prevent dance injuries from occurring.

Let’s take a look at some of those steps.

Try to Warm Up before Start Dancing

When it comes to how to prevent dance injuries, the first step is creating dance like any other sport. And that means warming up before dance. Stretching and getting the body going with jumping jacks or a light jog can help loosen muscles, which will help your child avoid dance injuries.

Practice Dance on a Suitable Dance Floor

There are lots of movements involved in dancing, especially vertical movement. Having the proper kind of floor—solid, with padding, even—can go a long way towards preventing injuries.

Wear Appropriate Shoes and Attire when Dancing

In the same way, you wouldn’t want to get on the ice in a hockey arena without the proper pads on, the same goes for dancing with the wrong clothing and shoes. Clothes that can get caught or trip you up are naturally dangerous, and shoes that can’t support movement (and in some forms of dance, like ballet, specific footwear is necessary) should be swapped for an appropriate pair.

Stay Hydrated and Energized

While bringing water to your children’s dance classes in Toronto is a must, it’s also good to bring a few healthy snacks along. That way, your child can remain energized throughout the entire class.

Pay Attention to Correct Dance Technique

Dance involves a lot of intricate movements and fluidity. Practicing these techniques one segment at a time can help ensure your child not only better nails the performance but also can avoid injury. Attempting a dance routine with advanced techniques that aren’t quite nailed down can end up in awkward positioning that can cause injury.

Make Sure to Get Enough Rest

The body needs rest after a good workout. Making sure your child is able to rest and relax after a dance class will encourage recovery. That way, when they get back to class, their bodies are ready to dance again without an increased chance of injury.

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Dancing provides many positive health benefits and establishes healthy habits that your child can use throughout their life. So, if you want your child to benefit from these wide-ranging benefits, then you should contact Performing Dance Arts today.

Being a dancer requires intense focus and discipline, not to mention practice. This can be beneficial in other areas for your child since they will apply this approach to their schoolwork, as well as lead to a lifelong appreciation for the arts.

When your child takes lessons at Performing Dance Arts, they will greatly improve their fitness and confidence. Our studio teaches dance arts and skills that will serve your child well throughout their entire life.

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