Is Tap Dancing Easy to Learn?

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Tap Dance Classes

When kids first start dance classes, they often have one thing on their minds: how hard is it going to be? That pretty much rings true for all dance forms, but especially for a very specialized form like tap. Having had years of experience teaching tap dance lessons in Toronto to kids, we can tell that, while each student does learn at their own pace, there are some key tips your child can use to make learning tap dancing that much easier. To that end, let’s take a look at these five key tips for your children’s tap dance classes.

It’s About the Dancer, Not the Gear

Tap shoes and dancewear in general can run you a pretty hefty bill, but those purchases are totally unnecessary when you’re just starting out! Comfortable and flexible clothing combined with a basic pair of full-soled Blochs or Capezios can get your kid tapping away in no time (and not to mention save you a few dollars doing so).

Practice Tapping Rhythm with the Music

Your child’s first attempt at tap dancing shouldn’t be full on trying to match the music perfectly with their tap. Instead, it’s better to begin with some gentle tapping to the beat of a song or two to get used to the motion and idea of the feet being the focal point. This is great home practice that can pay off with big dividends when class starts.

Take Note of Other Dancers

Your child can learn a lot from both watching the pros and the teachers in their class, to watching even their fellow classmates. By watching, your kid will get a better idea of what the art demands, allowing them to adjust accordingly.

Make Some Noise

Tap dance involves, well, tapping. And tapping is noisy. I know, I know, that’s the last thing parents want to read, but the fact is that tapping noise is good noise! It means your child is working out those tapping muscles and learning how to create different sounds with their feet. And, of course, practice makes perfect!

Have Fun and Improvise!

Improvisational tap isn’t just fun, it’s also a great way to practice all those techniques your child just learned and allow them to be totally creative! It may be scary at first but improve is a great way to make tap dance lessons in Toronto fun and easier to digest.

Tap Dance Classes in Toronto by Expert Instructors

If your child is ready to work with one of the top tap dance studios in Toronto, then they’re ready for Performing Dance Arts.

Our tap dance lessons in Toronto ensure that your child will learn tap in a safe and fun environment run by expert dance instructors with years of teaching experience.
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