Tips for Dance Teachers when Conducting Virtual Dance Classes for Kids

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tips for virtual dance classes for kids

As a dance teacher or choreographer, you may find it difficult to know how to set up your virtual dance class for kids when you are used to teaching in-person classes. You want to make sure that your students are getting the most out of their online experience, whether it’s a children’s hip hop dance class or a ballet class in Toronto for kids. Below we list a few tips on how to set up your virtual dance class!

Start with Two-Way Communication

When conducting virtual dance classes for kids, you should structure your classes so that they encourage conversations, allow for questions from the kids, and provide students with time to practice their skills. Additionally, working more collaboratively with students during virtual classes increases trust between the teacher and student as well as allows for an easier platform for real-time feedback from the instructor.

Establish a Routine and Stick to It as Much as Possible

To make the learning experience most enjoyable and effective, it is important to establish a routine for each online dance class, such as starting with the same warm-up exercises or games before getting into the lesson material itself. While no two classes will be exactly alike, this consistency helps create structure in an otherwise unorthodox setting, making sure kids stay engaged and focused on learning their new dance skills with ease.

Make Sure Everyone Is Visible on the Screen

When setting up the video call for online dance classes, check the camera angle—it should cover all participants so that you can see each student. Advise them to make sure their webcam is focused correctly so you won’t miss out on any of their moves. Additionally, make sure your virtual classroom space is inviting and appealing for kids by adding images related to dance on the virtual background.

Set Some Rules

It is important to establish some basic rules up front, such as no talking out of turn and being respectful to other participants. Reinforcing these rules during the virtual dance class ensures that everyone remains focused on learning about dance and having fun. In addition, encourage all participants to dress appropriately with proper dance attire (like tights or leggings and supportive shoes).

Use Props to Help Kids Stay Engaged and Focused

To help conduct successful virtual dance classes for kids, you can use props such as ribbons or colourful scarves that can be waved during jazz classes or ballet classes. These props will bring energy and motion to the class and help make it more enjoyable for both the teacher and students. Additionally, using visual aids will add an extra layer of interest as the children work through their movements.

Encourage Kids to Take Breaks when Needed

Dance is an extremely physical activity, and dance teachers need to be sure that the kids are taking regular breaks. With online dance classes, it can be hard to visibly see when kids are getting tired. Actively keeping track of your students’ comfort levels and responding accordingly can effectively nurture the sense of community most likely absent in virtual dance classes while also keeping them physically safe.

Opt for Small Group Performances

When it comes to teaching dance classes to kids virtually, isolating individual dancers can be challenging. That’s why experienced dance teachers often opt for smaller group performances. Encourage your kids to form small groups of two or three members and rehearse their routines together online. This will keep their spirits high and make sure that they stay motivated while continuing to learn in a virtual environment.

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