Toronto, Canada (PRWEB), November 24, 2014 – Performing Dance Arts (, Toronto’s leading dance studio for children of all skill levels, is announcing its 2014 holiday pyjama and storybook drive. Donations will be made to Yellowbrick House and Pathways, two charities based in York Region.

“It’s a fun way to make a difference for the holidays,” says Ashley Daychak, artistic director at Performing Dance Arts. “Kids get so much more than just dance lessons at our studios and this is one of those times we can really teach them about the importance of giving while still keeping things light.”

From December 8–13, Performing Dance Arts encourages all their student dancers to come to their dance lessons dressed in their favourite pyjamas. They’ll have an opportunity to donate pyjamas and a children’s storybook during that week, while still learning some new dance moves.

“We already have labelled bags at our dance studio in Maple,” Daychak continues. “Our students can drop the bag of pyjamas off with an appropriate storybook for a boy or girl as indicated on the label. We’ll then donate the items to both charities we’ve partnered with.”

Daychak says that the pyjama and book drive is in response to those kids who maybe haven’t had a bedtime story read to them by a caring adult in their lives.

“So many of us have vivid memories of putting on our PJs and having our parents read to us as we fall asleep,” says Daychak. “Organizing this pyjama drive is just a small gesture from all of us at Performing Dance Arts to offer less fortunate children a piece of what many of us have experienced growing up.”

Daychak is confident they’ll have a great response from their dance students in supporting this pyjama drive and is excited to be working with both Yellowbrick House and Pathways in helping to bring some joy to children this holiday season.

Performing Dance Arts has been conducting dance lessons in Maple for more than two decades. Children of all ages and skill levels are welcome. Contact Performing Dance Arts today for more information on their dance lessons or December pyjama and book drive.

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