Performing Dance Arts Comments on Significance of Luca Patuelli Being Named Canadian Dance Ambassador for International Dance Day

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Toronto, Canada, May 13, 2015 – Performing Dance Arts (, Toronto’s leading dance studio for children of all skill levels, is commenting on the significance of Luca Patuelli being named the Canadian Dance Ambassador for International Dance Day in Toronto.

International Dance Day just wrapped up in Toronto. While the event has over 30 years of history, this year was especially significant for one special guest.

“The focus of International Dance Day this year was the inclusiveness of dance and how it is accessible to almost anyone who shares a passion for the art,” says Ashley Daychak, creative director at Performing Dance Arts. “Luca Patuelli was the perfect selection, as he represents these characteristics precisely. He’s used dance to overcome his own disabilities and to inspire other dancers and bring them together.”

Patuelli endured 16 surgeries by the time he was 17, mostly to compensate for being diagnosed with arthrogryposis at birth (which affects the muscle and joint growth in the legs), and then scoliosis at age eight (which is a curve in the spine). Patuelli fought through those conditions and danced until the age of 18, when he was forced to stop because of a broken leg. (Source: Greenaway, K., “No excuses no limits for Canadian dance ambassador Luca ‘Lazylegs’ Patuelli,” Montreal Gazette web site, April 24, 2015;

“And even that didn’t stop him,” Daychak continues. “He started again at 22 and has continued to this day, despite walking with crutches and suffering from arthritis in his left shoulder and wrist.”

Patuelli has headlined the Paralympics, is a sought-after public speaker, and does dance demonstrations at universities and for different organizations. On top of being selected as the ambassador for International Dance Day, he was also chosen to be the keynote speaker at the Canadian Dance Assembly in September.

“It’s amazing to see the Canadian dance community support someone who has used dance to achieve so much. With the dance lessons we provide young dancers, we see first-hand how dance can transform people’s lives. Patuelli is an extreme example, but dance has been helpful to many of the dancers at Performing Dance Arts,” Daychak concludes.

Performing Dance Arts provides dance lessons to children of all levels. With a dance studio in Woodbridge, they continue to leave their mark on the local community. Visit the company’s web site ( for more information.

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