Many dance studios simply put their students, regardless of the type of dance they are studying, in a room depending on space and schedule. But at Performing Dance Arts, we offer individual rooms that are set up for each of the specific dance disciplines we teach, including hip-hop, jazz, tap, and ballet.

All the rooms at our facility in Vaughan come equipped with cameras, so you can watch your child’s progress from the comfort of our lounge. We are one of the few dance studios in the Greater Toronto Area to offer this!

We recently moved to our new, spacious facility located on the west side of Highway 400 just north of Major Mackenzie, allowing us to offer four themed rooms that are set up specifically for each style of dance we teach. Other dance studios require that the teacher and students set up a room prior to the lessons starting, but at our facility in Vaughan, each of our rooms is set up especially for the style of dance that is taught in it.

All four of our themed dance studios are built on raised floors to prevent injury. They also come equipped with a state-of-the-art sound system that allows for the ideal teaching environment for everyone from aspiring dancers to more experienced performers.

Our spacious jazz studio may appear to be bare bones, but the bright environment allows our teachers to provide our students with the best learning environment for learning the many different styles of jazz dance. It also features strategically placed speakers and a large space to create the perfect acoustics for students to hear the music.

Our tap studio features a view of the city skyline to inspire future tap dancers, as well as mirrors so they can view and perfect their moves. Our ballet studio comes complete with bars and mirrors so our students can see their every move and improve. The room is also artfully decorated with black and white prints of ballet dancers.

The hip-hop dance studio features Performing Dance Arts’ name done in an artful graffiti style to give the studio “street cred.” But while it may be made to look more urban, the hip-hop studio, as well as all of our other dance studios, are brightly lit and kept impeccably clean.

As one of the top dance studios in the Greater Toronto Area, we pride ourselves on offering the best learning environment for both competitive and casual dancers. Contact Performing Dance Arts to sign up your child or for more information today!

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