Toronto, Canada, October 5, 2015 – Performing Dance Arts (, Toronto’s leading dance studio for children of all skill levels, is reacting to jazz and tap exams being conducted by ADAPT Syllabus.

ADAPT Syllabus is a certification system for dance teachers to train dancers of various ages and is a leader within the dance industry. Given that certification is an important part of being a professional dance instructor, the syllabus helps to teach instructors how to motivate and assist students to improve their overall technique and performance. (Source: ADAPT website, October 1, 2015;

“It’s an important resource for dance instructors to gain some valuable knowledge and technical skills,” says Ashley Daychak, Creative Director at Performing Arts. “It gives dance instructors and assistants the tools they need to effectively coach dancers of any age.”

On the weekend of October 24, ADAPT Syllabus will be holding exams for both jazz and tap. Performing Dance Arts is one of the Ontario host studio locations where certification will be conducted.

“It’s essentially about accountability and being able to ensure that young dancers are offered the best instruction they can receive,” Daychak continues. “Whether it’s tap, jazz, or any other form of dance, it’s important that instructors are continually learning themselves so they can then pass that knowledge down to their students.”

ADAPT says of its own program that “ADAPT examinations and the dance examination process encourages each student to work harder so he or she may achieve a personal best. And through ADAPT Syllabus training, dance exams help to maintain dance potential throughout all the dance training years.” (Source: ADAPT website, October 1, 2015;

“We look at any opportunity for our instructors to learn as a positive,” Daychak concludes. “October 24th weekend is just another step to becoming better instructors and so we welcome the challenge.”

Performing Dance Arts offers young dancers of all levels of dance, be it competitive or recreation, an opportunity to be trained by some of the best dance instructors in Ontario. For more information about Performing Dance Arts, visit the website at

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