Performing Dance Arts, the GTA’s Leading Dance Studio for Children, Comments on Upcoming Fall for Dance North Festival

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Toronto, Canada (PRWEB), December 18, 2014 – Performing Dance Arts (, Toronto’s leading dance studio for children of all skill levels, is weighing in on Fall for Dance North, a version of a New York dance festival that is coming to Toronto in October 2015.

In October of next year, Toronto will be hosting Fall for Dance, a dance-themed festival. Operating in Manhattan in New York City since 2004, Fall for Dance has agreed to serve as the model for the Toronto edition, which will be called Fall for Dance North. (Source: Knelman, M., “Toronto will get Canadian version of New York dance festival,” Toronto Star, November 19, 2014;

”We both hope and expect that this new festival will invigorate the dance scene in Toronto and expand the interest to a younger audience,” says Ashley Daychak, creative director at Performing Dance Arts. “Toronto has well-established dance companies, such as the National Ballet of Canada, which routinely put on amazing productions, but this festival is set up to be much more diverse and inclusive, which will hopefully draw in younger dancers and people who are interested in dance.”

The inaugural Fall for Dance North will take place at the Sony Centre and will feature four performances from 10 different dance companies, half of which are Canadian, while the other half are international. The heavy amount of support is reflected in the key names within the board of directors, which includes former city hall cultural chief Rita Davies, former National Ballet executive director Kevin Garland, National Ballet star Heather Ogden, and philanthropist Stephen Delaney. Karen Kain, current artistic director of the National Ballet, has also expressed her support for the festival.

“You couldn’t ask for a more qualified board. These are individuals who have a vested interest in dance culture and the artistic culture of Toronto,” Daychak adds. “As a provider of dance classes in Toronto and the GTA for over 20 years, we’re excited to see these initiatives that will hopefully spread enthusiasm around the city for dance as a celebrated art form.”

Tickets for Fall for Dance North will only be $10.00, regardless of seating location. The next step for the festival is a fundraising campaign, which aims to raise $600,000.

“The price is another great incentive for as many people to come out as possible,” Daychak concludes. “All of us at Performing Dance Arts support the launching of this festival and hope it will be as successful as its New York counterpart.”

Those interested in the dance classes offered by Performing Dance Arts can visit the web site at

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