Performing Dance Arts, the GTA’s Leading Dance Studio for Children, Releases Expert Tips on Parental Support for Dancing Lessons

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Toronto, Canada (PRWEB), January 13, 2015 – Performing Dance Arts (, Toronto’s leading dance studio for children of all skill levels, is releasing expert tips on how parents can show continued support for their children while they attend dance lessons.

“Dance is one of the artistic mediums that allows for both physical and artistic expression and has helped children in many social aspects of their lives,” says Ashley Daychak, creative director at Performing Dance Arts. “And like any other endeavour, children will experience ups and downs, so it’s important for parents to support their kids during the downtimes to reinforce why they are taking dance lessons in the first place.”

As an example, Daychak cites a Pennsylvania mother recently turning a bedroom in her home into a dance studio for her daughter. The daughter was already taking dance lessons three to four times a week, but her mother still went the extra mile so her daughter can continue her training at home. (Source: Mansfield, K., “Tales We Tell: Humphries has all the right moves,” Observer-Reporter web site, January 11, 2015;

“We’re not saying that every parent should start renovating their home,” Daychak adds. “However, it’s this kind of support that kids need to really get the most out of their dance lessons.”

According to Daychak, dance is a journey. A dancer will have days where they feel absolutely amazing and hit every single dance move like a pro, and they will also have not-so great days when things may not be going their way and they will need someone to lean on. And while quality instructors, like those at Performing Dance Arts, are great at keeping dancers motivated, that support needs to continue at home.

“Parents also need to understand the value of what they’re providing their kids with by having them participate in dance lessons,” she observes. “It’s not okay for parents to allow their kids to quit after a bad day; rather, it’s important to have them finish off the length of time they’ve committed to because it teaches toughness and dependability. Dancing means a person is part of a team, so giving up means that they are not only letting themselves down, but they’re also letting down their teammates.”

Daychak advises that on top of the time commitment that parents need to dedicate to supporting their kids (driving them back and forth from practice, attending their recitals, etc.), the emotional support is equally valuable, if not more so.

“Taking dancing lessons is not a New Year’s resolution someone can just not do two months into the year,” she explains. “It’s a commitment, and one we at Performing Dance Arts expect parents to take seriously.”

“The dancers that typically excel the most are the ones who have the strongest support at home from a parent or guardian,” Daychak concludes. “Not just financial support, but even support as simple as just letting their child know the importance of dance lessons and what they teach in terms of teamwork and learning to cope in social settings.”

More information about lessons from Performing Dance Arts can be found by visiting the web site at

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