Performing Dance Arts (, Toronto’s leading dance studio for kids of all ages, is weighing in on the abstract dance piece Petits Rêves that debuted at the Harbourfront in Toronto last weekend.

The Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre (CCDT) had been chosen to perform an abstract dance piece titled Petits Rêves, which is French for “Little Dreams.” Choreographer Sylvie Bouchard orchestrated the performances which was part of the annual Wintersong showcase at the Harbourfront. (Source: Crabb, M., “Abstract dance piece ‘Petits rêves’ premieres at Harbourfront,”, December 9, 2015;

“This was a great opportunity for those who truly love dance to experience something worth watching,” says Ashley Daychak, creative director at Performing Arts. “And the dancers—who were all young performers—had the chance to show off their talents and hard work.”

A teenaged cast of five graced the stage for what was a relatively short piece, clocking in at less than 15 minutes. An arrangement by James Bunton inspired by the music of the renowned Estonian composer Arvo Pärt gave the piece a celestial sound, which was just the sort of atmosphere Bouchard was hoping for.

“Every choreographer has a very specific approach to how they teach the dance and what they expect,” Daychak continues. “With only a handful of dancers, this group had to be extremely precise in their movements and routine. Every single one of the dancers was in the spotlight.”

This was the 28th season of Wintersong hosted at the Harbourfront. The event specifically references the winter solstice, so choreographers often make either direct or abstract references to this occurrence.

“Dance is expression,” says Daychak. “Having a specific topic to work with only makes the show that much more interesting.”

Performing Dance Arts offers both professional and casual dance classes to children of all ages. They operate out of a dance studio in the Woodbridge area and serve all of the York Region and the GTA. For more information about Performing Dance Arts, visit their web site at

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