Since dancers often perform in front of audiences, it’s easy to assume that only extroverts would be good at dance. However, introverts are incredibly talented and capable dancers too. The main difference between the two types of people is where they get their energy from. Extroverts thrive on social environments and support, while introverts gain energy from time alone. When it comes to dancing, there are several qualities about introverts that make them successful and talented dancers. Here are some important things to know about why introverts make great dancers!

Communicate with Body Language

Introverts may be of few words, but they often express how they feel through body language. This makes them excellent dancers, as they can tell stories and express their emotions without using words. Especially for young introverted children, dance is a healthy and fun outlet for their self-expression. They can become comfortable using body language to communicate their thoughts and emotions through dance.

Dance Classes Are Ideal Spaces for Quiet Students

Dance class is a place for quiet students to communicate without speaking. There is no pressure to talk or share their thoughts aloud; all they need to do is follow the instructor’s directions and dance. This environment can be liberating for quiet students who feel uncomfortable speaking up.

Observant and Focused

Introverts tend to prefer being in the background, rather than the centre of attention in social situations. They would rather listen and observe, rather than speak up or contribute to conversations. Due to their attentiveness, they are very perceptive to the emotions and experiences of others, and can focus well. They can pick up subtle details in body language and movement, which helps them contribute in a dance class in unique ways.

Intrinsically Motivated

Introverts are less reliant on the praise of others to meet their goals. They gain their energy from spending time alone doing things they enjoy. When they set a goal, they are motivated to reach that goal on their own because of their internal passion. This makes them excellent dancers as they don’t look for praise and approval to drive them to accomplish what they set out to do. They have the potential to be very successful dancers as they rely on their own internal discipline and passion.

How Performing Dance Arts Can Help Introverts Thrive

If your child is an introvert and you are looking for the perfect way for them to express themselves and grow in self-esteem and confidence, our dance classes in Vaughan can help! At our dance studio in Vaughan, your child will get to express their emotions through the body language of dance and enjoy an environment that helps them thrive. Performing Dance Arts inspires creativity and our instructors will motivate your child to dance with passion, creativity, and excitement.

Let your introverted child experience the joys of dance by contacting us today. We will provide you with all the information you need to know about our programs and what your child will need to bring to their first class. Visit our Toronto dance studios to see our facility for yourself!

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