Reasons Why It Might Be a Good Idea to Stay Enrolled in Ballet

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Ballet Class in Toronto

Most dance studios offer a variety of different classes. This can include contemporary, tap dance, jazz, hip hop, and acro. But there is one style of dance that every dance studio, no matter how big or small it is, has on its roster: ballet!

Dancers of every skill level, from children’s dance classes all the way up to pro, study ballet. Why? Ballet lays the foundation for all other dance styles. Even if you have no plans of ever performing in pointe shoes, if you want to be a great, all-around dancer, you need to stay enrolled in ballet.

Here are some of the top reasons why it might be a good idea to stay enrolled in ballet classes in Toronto.

Ballet Gives You a Better Understanding of Your Body

Ballet dancers have a way of making their ballet look effortless. But what you see on stage took years and years of physical training to perfect. Whether you’re starting out or have been studying ballet for years, ballet engages the entire body, from head to fingers to toes. Because ballet is so structured, each exercise at the barre is designed to work different muscle groups. This teaches you how to use your different muscles groups, learn about your anatomy, as well as your own strengths and areas you need to work on.

Teaches Proper Technique & Terminology

No matter which kind of dance you want to make your own, to be a great dancer, you need to understand the foundational moves and terms associated with ballet.

For example, lyrical dance moves are a combination of jazz and ballet. If you start off studying lyrical dance classes in Toronto, you’ll eventually run into a pique turn or posse. You can absolutely learn these moves in your jazz or lyrical class, but it will be much easier if you already know these moves before you step onto the dance studio floor.

And that can help you stand out from the competition.

If you watch “So You Think You Can Dance,” you’ll see dancers doing a huge variety of different dance styles. While most of those who make it to the finals do not do a traditional ballet routine, they did have technical ballet training. And that training helped them master other dance styles.

That’s one reason why ballet classes are longer than other single-discipline classes. You’re learning the basics of dance: you start with barre work, then move into center or floor work. The longer parts of ballet classes allow students to better understand individual movements, how to execute it, and preserve the proper technique.

Builds Strength & Endurance

Children’s dance classes in Toronto are a lot of fun! But it can also be hard work. And that’s a good thing! All of the strength and endurance you need to jump and spin comes from long barre sessions where you’re holding the same position for minutes on end.

It’s these ballet exercises, where you focus on slow, flowing, controlled movement that helps you develop strength and endurance. And you’ll need that for when you’re performing a ballet. You’ll also need to rely on the strength and endurance for fast tap pieces, explosive hip hop routines, or rapid leg and foot movements in Irish dancing.

Practicing ballet over and over will help you become a stronger, more flexible dancer, that can endure the toughest routines.

Boosts Your Balance and Flexibility

The more you practice ballet, the better your balance and flexibility will become. And balance and flexibility, coupled with strength and endurance, means you’re less likely to hurt yourself while doing other dance styles or even other sports.

Case in point, did you know that a number of professional athletes in the National Football League (NFL) practice ballet? Some of the biggest names in the NFL have home ballet studios. Boosting their balance and flexibility helps them catch passes, dodge tackles, and avoid getting hurt.

Improves Poise & Posture

Ballet improves poise and posture. In fact, it’s vital if you want to be a successful dancer. Why is it important to have good posture? When your body is perfectly aligned its easier to stay balanced, no matter what kind of fast shifts your body is doing.

If you dance and have bad posture, you’ll look awkward on stage and run the risk of injuring yourself. That’s because your muscles need to work extra hard to keep your body upright. This leads to increased tension and aches and tightness that never seem to go away—no matter how much you stretch or exercise.

Ballet is perfect for building strong, lean muscles, and improving core strength.

Familiarity with Timing & Rhythm

It’s tough to separate dance from music. The two go hand-in-hand. Following the beat of the music allows you to execute the right dance move at the right time. Being out of step to the music will mean executing the right moves at the wrong time. It will also leave you out of step with your peers.

Some dance styles are accompanied with music that have heavy beats, this makes it easier to hear and follow. Ballet isn’t one of them. But that’s why it’s so important to study ballet.
Ballet tends to use classical music which doesn’t have a dominant beat. This makes it much more difficult to find the timing and stay in rhythm.

If you can master a complicated ballet routine accompanied by classical music, you’ll be able to master every other dance style much more quickly.

Ballet Builds Confidence

Whether it’s at the barre, dancing to a routine, learning a challenging technique, or performing solo or in a group in front of an audience, ballet can do wonders for your self confidence! Hearing positive feedback from an instructor or applause after a performance can boost their self esteem and make them want to do even better.

With ballet you can feel like anything is possible.

Performing Dance Arts – Helping You Become an Amazing Dancer

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