If you’re looking for a way to keep your child active and they want to learn how to dance, just not competitively, Performing Dance Arts offers recreational dance programs. Recreational dance has many benefits, such as improved fitness and social skills, and can also offer your child the opportunity to learn something new, as our Vaughan recreational programs offer everything from classic ballet to hip hop.

According to the Canadian Fitness and Lifestyle Institute, dancing is one of the top 10 favourite activities for everyone from children to adults. But now that school is back, we realize that your kids are busy with homework; that’s why we offer part-time dance programs at our conveniently located dance studio in Vaughan.

People taking up dance are often influenced by trends. For instance, the success of shows like Dancing With the Stars has led to an increased interest in ballroom dancing, while in the late 90s, a swing mini-revival saw many people registering for recreational dance programs to learn how to swing dance. In addition to trends, hip hop dancing is always popular with children, and what young girl doesn’t dream of becoming a ballerina at some point? Our Vaughan recreational programs include ballet, jazz, hip-hop, and more.

Regardless of whether your child wants to learn all the latest hip hop movies or majestic ballet moves, our part-time dance programs offer these and more. And with the programs only being part-time, the lessons won’t interfere with your child’s schooling. The teachers for our recreational dance programs are dancers themselves and will take the time to teach your child everything there is to know about dance while helping to build their confidence and bring them out of their shell.

Since recreational dance students are not dancing competitively, it creates a much more relaxed environment. Our Vaughan recreational programs aim to teach your child a new skill while building their confidence and improving their fitness. Dance provides a total body workout and even if you register them for part-time dance programs, they’re still going to enjoy a vigorous fitness routine on a regular basis.

The most important thing about our recreational dance programs is that they are fun! Our teachers strive to make learning to dance enjoyable and free of pressure. Your child’s newfound confidence will lead to them going to more school dances and being more willing to cut a rug at family gatherings such as weddings.

Our Vaughan recreational programs encourage our students to develop a passion for dance. And as an added bonus, dance will also improve their strength and flexibility.

If your child wants to learn to dance for fun and fitness, sign them up for Performing Dance Arts’ part-time dance programs at our studio in Vaughan and watch them blossom!

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