Performing Dance Arts, (, Toronto’s leading dance studio providing professional dance lessons for kids of all ages, is weighing in on Rihanna and Drake featuring dance hall in her latest music video.

Rihanna’s most recent music video for her song “Work” features groups of dancers collectively showcasing their dance hall move. The video, which also features Toronto rapper Drake was filmed in Toronto at the well-known east end Real Jerk restaurant. (Source: “Drake, Rihanna spotted in Toronto shooting new music video,” CBC news, February 6, 2016;

“It’s amazing to have that kind of star power in the city,” says Ashley Daychak, creative director at Performing Dance Arts. “To have them using dance as the main theme of their video makes it so much more interesting. The video is a lot of fun and definitely showcases the best of dance hall, which is meant to be a joyous way of dancing.”

Dance hall has its roots in reggae music, and has been adopted by many in the culturally diverse city of Toronto. Daychak says that it shows how powerful dance can be and how far it can travel if people are into it.

“Rihanna is clearly someone who has experienced many different cultures having travelled all over the world. She is also of Bajan descent,” says Daychak. “Pair that with Drake who is biracial and who is living in a city that is so diverse, you begin to see how many perspectives have gone into this video and how the dancing is a part of that expression.”

Daychak goes on to say that Performing Dance Arts is a place where many dance styles are explored by their students.

“Our dance instructors have experience in many different styles of dance and offer that experience to our dance students. All of our students get the opportunity to really discover new forms of dance and that keeps our classes fun and challenging,” she concludes.

Performing Dance Arts provides both professional and casual dance lessons to children of all ages and levels. It operates out of a dance studio in the Woodbridge area and serves all of the York Region and the Greater Toronto Area.

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