A big step for parents is deciding when their child is ready to begin taking dance lessons in Toronto. They may show an interest in dance from a very early age, but that doesn’t always mean that they’re ready to begin dance classes—there are a number of other things that you should be able to check off to ensure your child is ready to learn dance. To be successful in their toddler dance classes in Toronto, your child must not only be able to take instruction well, but must also be ready to spend time away from you. To learn more about what you should consider before enrolling your child in dance classes near you, keep on reading.

They Show an Interest in Music and Movement

Your toddler’s interest in dance is an important aspect in them being ready to enter children’s dance classes near you. You’ll want to make sure they actually want to attend classes, as this will make their learning experience more fruitful—forcing them into lessons before they’re ready may lead to an experience they resent. Make sure that your child expresses an interest in dance, music, and movement before signing them up for classes.

They’re Able to Focus on One Thing

While there are classes tailored to younger students, your child will need to have a developed attention span to be able to listen to the teacher. All kids develop at their own pace, so be sure to assess your child’s ability to pay attention to one topic before committing them to dance lessons.

They’re Ready to Spend Time Away from Parents

When enrolling your child in an extracurricular activity for the first time, you need to make sure that they are ready to spend time away form you. Regardless of whether they begin dance classes after they start going to school, they still might have some separation anxiety. Some children are so devastated by being without their parents that it dampens their dance experience. To ensure you child retains their vigor for dance and has nothing but positive experiences, make sure that they’re emotionally ready to spend time without you during their lessons.

They’re Able to Follow Simple Instructions

Even though your child may express an interest in music and movement early on in infancy, they’ll have to be able to follow simple instructions to be enrolled in dance lessons. It would be pointless to enroll a toddler that’s too young to understand or take instruction from a dance teacher—it’s best to wait until your child can comprehend instructions before committing them to a dance studio.

Dance Studio Near You for Toddlers in Toronto

If, after reading this list, you’re confident that your child is ready to begin taking dance lessons, then your search for toddler dance classes near you end here. Performing Dance Arts is a premier dance studio in the GTA for children, with locations in Vaughan and Etobicoke to serve you. With multiple studios at each location and state-of-the art equipment, we’re the ideal option for children looking for competitive or casual lessons. We offer classes in tap, jazz, hip hop, ballet and acro—so you can rest assured we have something for everyone. Contact us for more information, or to sign up today.

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