Getting boys to sign up for dance lessons can be difficult. Let’s face it, most would rather get involved with team sports, and there’s no way to get around the fact that they might be worried about how their peers view them.

Performing Dance Arts, the top dance studio in Vaughan, also tells parents that their child may end up earning the respect of their friends. Take the recent example of Brett Nichols, the California high school student who put up with good-natured teasing from his classmates over his devotion to Michael Jackson before the video of him dancing to the King of Pop’s “Billie Jean” at a talent show went viral, with nearly 12 million views and counting.

As a result of the video, Nichols now has an agent, has received an invitation to see Michael Jackson: ONE in Las Vegas, and has made multiple appearances on TV shows. Now, the same kids who teased him for his devotion to Michael Jackson ask him for his autograph.

While your child may not achieve the same level of recognition as Nichols, learning to dance will help their self-esteem immensely. It takes courage to dance in front of a large crowd like Nichols did, and the instructors at our dance studio in Vaughan encourage this.

When you sign your child up for lessons at our dance studio in Vaughan, they will also receive encouragement from their peers. We encourage interaction between students that is meant to stimulate their creative juices. Who knows, your child and his classmates may very well end up creating the next big viral hit on YouTube!

Most importantly, your son will also receive an excellent, regular full-body workout when you register him for lessons at our dance studio in Vaughan. You’ve doubtlessly heard the story about the team of professional football players who went through the same workout routine as a group of ballet dancers and were left winded, while the dancers kept going strong.

If your son is a shy wallflower or you’re just looking to get him in shape while building his confidence, register him for dance lessons at our Performing Dance Arts’ dance studio in Vaughan. And if he seems hesitant, just tell him about Brett Nichols; he may even find out that his friends were inspired to take dance lessons as well!


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