Because of social distancing measures, virtual dance classes have become a critical part of every dancing student’s ongoing education. Thanks to remote learning platforms, students can continue to work with their instructors and expand their knowledge and skill level and get live feedback from instructors.

Virtual dance classes and virtual dance camps are an amazing way to stay active and connect with your friends, but there are some things you can do during your remote dance classes that can make it as successful as possible.

Here are the dos and don’ts of taking virtual dance classes!

Virtual Dance Class Do’s

  • Get Dressed: You might be dancing in the comfort of your own home, but you need to treat the dance class like you would if you were in the studio. On top of that, you need to remember that everyone can see you! Take a few minutes before your virtual class to put on your favorite workout clothing and get prepared for class.
  • Turn Your Mic Off: Virtual dance classes are a great way to communicate with others. But one issue with virtual classes is that the sound cuts out if more than one person is talking at a time. Make sure your mic is off during the class, unless of course your instructor wants to talk to you. Turning your mic off not only allows others to get valuable feedback from your instructor, but it also helps your friends to better hear the music during your class.
  • Keep Your Video On: It’s important that your instructor can see you dance. If they can’t see you, they can’t give you feedback. Keeping your video on is also the best way for your instructor to know that you’re dancing and following along in class, and not sitting on a chair eating chips.

Virtual Dance Class Don’ts

  • Don’t Be Late: Taking a virtual dance class in your living room or bedroom might feel pretty casual, but it’s important to remember it’s your virtual dance studio! Treat it like you would an in-studio class. That means logging in to the class a few minutes early.
  • Don’t Use Virtual Backgrounds: Zoom comes with some pretty interesting features, including virtual backgrounds. They’re perfect for talking to friends if you have a messy room. But in a virtual dance class, it can be really distracting. When you move around—which you do all the time when you’re dancing—the background can cut in and out. This makes it really tough for your instructor to watch you and provide feedback.
  • Don’t Count Yourself Out: Taking a virtual dance class is not the same as being in a big, bright studio with your friends. If anything, a small dance space can be frustrating. But it’s important that you don’t count yourself out! Your instructor can see that you are doing your best. And they appreciate all of your hard work and effort!

Performing Dance Arts – Helping You Become an Amazing Dancer

Are you ready to take a virtual live dance class in Toronto? Contact the instructors at Performing Dance Arts or visit one of our studios in Vaughan or Etobicoke. Performing Dance Arts is one of the top dance studios for kids in the Greater Toronto Area. Our instructors have years of industry experience and can help your child, regardless of their skill level, how to be a better dancer.

Since 1986, our extensive dance programs, which include ballet, jazz, tap, acro, lyrical, and hip-hop, have helped children develop higher self-esteem, better coordination, creativity, self-confidence, poise, a healthy mind and body, a better quality of life, and a love for dance!

If your child is interested in taking dance classes or you want to learn more about Performing Dance Arts, contact us today.

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