Now that 2015 is well underway, a few trends have started to appear at numerous dance art studios. And while fitness remains the number one reason why parents are signing their kids up for dance lessons, other trends are proving to be major factors as well.

Going Online

One trend is the increasing number of dance studios that are going online. This enables students and their parents to receive regular updates, including notifications about schedule changes, the latest news, and more. Many studios also have a presence on Twitter and Facebook so parents and dancers can keep up-to-date on the latest developments via social media.

Dance Culture Mentality

With the increasing popularity of dance lessons for children, it’s become more important for dance studios to differentiate themselves. Students now need to be offered a unique culture and be truly made to feel as though they’re part of the culture of their dance studio of choice. A quality studio should provide an environment that is conducive to learning dance and instructors who ensure that the students are having fun.


This dance fashion has been gaining in popularity in recent years since they provide greater coverage than traditional leotards and allow for a greater range of movement. More and more dance students have taken to wearing biketards as a result. The clothing comes in a wide variety of colours and is also available with skirts.

Dance is One of the Hot Fitness Trends

Since it provides excellent aerobic and cardio fitness, dance lessons for both children and adults continue to grow in popularity. Whether it’s traditional styles like ballet or jazz or more modern styles like hip-hop, dance is proving to be a popular fitness trend.

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