The Physical and Mental Benefits of Dance for Kids

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You’ve doubtlessly read countless articles and seen commercials about the importance of being active. Performing Dance Arts, one of the top dance studios in the GTA, tells parents that one of the best ways to get their kids active is through dance.

Dance, whether it’s jazz, hip-hop, or ballet, has many fitness benefits, especially for kids. For

starters, it’s a great form of aerobic exercise; if you watch dancers in action, you’ve seen how athletic and limber they are. At Performing Dance Arts, we provide programs for kids at all levels of dance training.

Dance studios also provide a great environment for your child to make friends, so if your kid is shy, signing them up for dance lessons at Performing Dance Arts is an excellent way to bring them out of their shell. Read below for some other key benefits of dance classes.

Dance Teaches Your Child About Respect and Understanding

Exposing your child to a team-based activity means they’ll get the opportunity to interact with other kids from outside their usual social circle at school. That can open them up to new experiences as they’ll likely encounter kids from different backgrounds or areas of the city, which is a huge benefit of dance classes in Halton.

The more children encounter new experiences, the more they learn. Bringing in children from all types of backgrounds is a great way to foster respect and understanding in your child, as well as potentially helping them become more open to new experiences in general. This in turn can help them the rest of their lives as they won’t shy away from new social experiences or making new friends, but instead embrace these opportunities with excitement.

Dance Enhances Your Child’s Communication Skills

Dancing with a group teaches your child the importance of teamwork and how to communicate effectively and building a sense of trust with new friends leads to greater cooperation. That means understanding that it is okay to ask for help from the instructor or get clarification on how a specific technique is executed. And being on a team also means learning to communicate with teammates more effectively, as a routine requires a cohesive team all on the same page to be done properly.

Additionally, your child will feel much less anxiety in social situations and make friends more easily. Performing in front of a large group is an excellent way to overcome any anxiety about being in a social situation. As one of the top dance studios in Toronto and the GTA, we at Performing Dance Arts encourage all of this and more in our students!

Dance Improves Your Children’s Cardiovascular Health and Fitness

Since dance is a form of aerobic exercise, it’s also a great way for your child to lose weight and stay in shape. Combine this with an improved diet and your child is well on the road to physical fitness.

Dancers are renowned for their excellent fitness levels and cardiovascular health. While it may be a bit early to be concerning yourself over your child’s heartrate just yet, establishing strong habits early on in their lives can pay off with huge dividends down the line.

Exercise habits are hard to break, especially when established so young. What’s more, your child’s heart health will benefit greatly from a lifetime of participation in dance. Finally, dance is a great stress reliever, which in and of itself can be helpful to improving cardiovascular health.

Dance A Fun Way to Boost Your Child's Physical, Mental, and Social Well-being

Dance Strengthens Your Child’s Cognitive Ability

Studies have been done on how exactly dance can help enhance brain function, and the results are largely positive across the board. And these benefits are only more pronounced in children. Your child will have to focus in on each movement and technique, which in turn helps enhance their learning capabilities as time goes on.

Dance Helps Increase Your Child’s Confidence and Self-Esteem

One thing that separates dance from other sports is the performance aspect of it—by necessity, dance requires a level of confidence to be projected on stage in order to properly nail the feel of a routine. This is more important in some styles over others, but the general rule is that a dancer needs to portray confidence on stage in order to get the audience to buy in.

Learning the importance of confidence at such a young age is a huge benefit to your child as they develop. What’s more, when they get out on stage and feel like they’re doing well, this will help boost their self-esteem that benefits them both socially and psychologically.

Enroll Your Child in Dance Classes in Halton with Performing Dance Arts

With so many mental and physical benefits of dance, it’s no wonder why so many parents and children love the sport and art. And if you want your child to get all the above dance class benefits & more,then contact Performing Dance Arts today.

Being a dancer requires intense focus and discipline, not to mention practice. This can be beneficial in other areas for your child, since they will apply this approach to their schoolwork, as well as lead to a lifelong appreciation for the arts.

When your child takes lessons at Performing Dance Arts, they will greatly improve their fitness and confidence. Our studio teaches dance arts and skills that will serve your child well throughout their entire life.

Contact us today to register your child or learn more about which style and program fits best. We offer dance classes for all skill levels and ages!


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