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We all have our reasons for wanting to sign up our children for dance classes. Whether your child is dancing competitively or dancing for leisure, kids dance classes are a fun way to get your children moving and interacting with other kids their age.

Your child comes first, and you want to know that you are putting them in the very best hands. So how do you know what studio is best for your child? Here are a few things to consider before you commit to dance lessons for your kids.

Dance Studio’s Location

Location is important, but don’t get too caught up on this point. Performing Dance Arts offers dance classes for kids in Vaughan, but we have young dancers from all across Toronto and the rest of the York Region. Some studios are worth the drive, especially if they meet all of you and your child’s expectations. So before you commit to a dance studio for your child, consider whether it is within a reasonable driving distance form you home.

This is what matters. Any dance studio for kids must be filled with experienced instructors who know how to teach the craft. The instructors are the ones who will be connecting with the children and helping them through their routines. If they aren’t experienced, it will be a struggle for your child, no matter how motivated they are to learn. Plus, good instructors know how to keep things enjoyable for everyone.

Studio Dance Floor

This is more important than you may think. The floor is where your child will be spending all of his or her time. Jumping, moving, twisting, and doing all sorts of dance moves requires a floor that is slip resistant and durable enough to withstand all of the action. The floor also shouldn’t be too hard so it protects the dancer’s body from tumbles and from all the moving.

Dance Classes Curriculum

Just because you may not know everything about dance doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know what the instructors are teaching. Ask for a curriculum for the specific classes our young one will be part of. It’s much better to know what your child will be learning than to have no idea what’s happening. It keeps you involved as a parent.

Immediate Dance Assistance and Service

There are a lot more involved in running a dance studio than just dancing. If the instructor is doubling as the administrator, it becomes difficult to get assistance when needed. A well-established dance studio should function like a business, with someone available for customer service should the instructors be busy.

Future Dance Performing Opportunity

As parents it’s important to know what opportunities are available for your child at the particular dance studio. Will they be performing on stage? Will everyone take part in the end-of-year show? Are there advances class available should you child want to continue with a specific dance style? Questions like these should be asked upfront so you can better manage your expectations.

Dance Classes in Vaughan

Performing Dance Arts is happy to host our dance studio for kids in the Vaughan area. Our facility is state-of-the-art and we have accomplished dance instructors who are passionate about teaching dance. If you would like to come see our dance studio for yourself, give us a call at 905-856-1030.

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