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As one of the top kids’ dance studios in Maple, we see a lot of young dancers anxious to do their best. They’ve likely put a lot of work into their dancing and this is a big deal for them. Whether they’re part of a toddler’s dance recital or a competitive dance team, we want your child to be successful, and we want them to do great in their moment to shine. What’s important to remember, too, though, is that this should be an exciting time for them. Nerves are definitely going to be a factor, but as a parent you want to make sure your son or daughter is having fun.

With that said, here are some important tips for you and your child to remember. With all the kids’ dance classes in Maple that we’ve been through, we have a strong idea of what you and your kids will have to do to be prepared.

Tips for Parents to Survive Their Kids’ Dance Recital

1. Take your child to all scheduled dance classes and rehearsals: Nothing prepares a child better for a dance recital than actual preparation. That means they must attend all of their dance classes leading up to the recital and make sure they are actively participating and learning. Confidence comes from consistency, and the more confident your child is they can perform, the better they will do at the recital.
2. Plan to arrive at the place of the performance early: Trust us when we say there will be enough tension without your child worrying about being late or possibly even missing their recital. Even more important than that, your child needs that time to focus, think about their routine, and calm down and see themselves really having a successful recital.
3. Take all costumes and accessories and keep track of your child’s things by labelling everything: Remember, your child won’t be waiting around by themselves. And many of the children often wear the same sizes or close to it. Small labels will make a world of difference in keeping things organized.
4. Bring boredom busters: The waiting game for dance recitals can be exhausting and just plain long. So bring some things to pass the time, but nothing too loud. A deck of cards would work, or just load up some games on your kids’ smartphones or tablets and they should be just fine.

Parents’ Dance Recital Item Checklist

To avoid running around like a chicken with your head cut off when you’re leaving your home on the big night/day, you should have a dance recital bag checklist on hand. In addition to the costume and shoes your child will be wearing, there are a few other things you’ll want to put on that dance recital packing list:

1. Extra tights: You really don’t want your child having to deal with ripped tights. Bring an extra pair or two; you might save another parent from going bonkers, too.
2. Clear nail polish: In the event that second pair of tights starts to run, clear nail polish can save the day.
3. Bandages: Scraped knees and blisters are typical parts of a dancer’s life. Bring something to mend the small cuts (invisible adhesive bandages are best).
4. Hangers: You want to hang up your child’s costume as soon as possible so it doesn’t wrinkle.
5. Safety pins: Just in case you have to do some emergency alterations.
6. Baby wipes/tissues: A must to clean those messy faces or wipe those runny noses.
7. Cosmetics/hairspray: Even if you do your child’s and hair makeup ahead of time, always bring a full makeup case and hairspray for last-minute fixes. Kids will be kids and makeup and hairstyles tend not to last too long.
8. Stain remover pen: Again, kids can be messy…and with your luck someone will spill their grape juice on your child’s leotard two minutes before it’s time to go on stage. A stain remover pen can be a quick fix for small stains.
9. Bottled water: It’s important for your child to stay hydrated, so always bring a bottle of water in case they don’t have any at the school or venue. Don’t give them juice or soda (or you risk a stained costume).
10. Snacks: If your child will be waiting a while before his or her performance or in between multiple times on stage, pack them a granola bar or some small snacks in resealable plastic baggies, such as raisins, little crackers, banana chips. Avoid nuts; they’re a healthy snack but they’re a common allergen.

Performing Dance Arts is one of the top kids’ dance studios in Maple. Preparing for dance recitals is second nature to us, and giving you tips so your child is prepared can only make their recital that much more fun.

Registration for our summer dance programs is still open. Click here to learn how to get your child into our Maple dance studio.

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